It was a lovely summer day

(VOVWORLD) -My name is Mai Anh, a participant of Thai Viet Youth exchange program 2017. This story is for my Buddy Guitar p' Tanawat

It was a lovely summer day, me and my buddy had been waiting for this day for so long and finally we received the email from Thai Embassy about the Thai Viet youth exchange program's Alumni meeting, which means finally we can reunion in the same place AGAIN. We jumped for joy and called each other right away to say about how happy and excited we were. Few days later we even passionately spent hours video calling to fill the application for this program. I can feel his enthusiasm when doing the work, his nervousness when sending the email, his eagerness when received the invitation letter and especially his disappointment when he realized he couldn't make it due to another important task he needs to focus on... that's really sad and therefore, I would like to dedicate my first post to my lovely buddy.
it's a pity that Guitar and some other candidates cannot join the Alumni meeting however our mission as the youth ambassador has not come to an end yet. We have achieved some milestones however there's a long journey for us-the youth of Vietnam and Thailand to contribute more to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. 
Mai Anh - YEP 2017