Lang Son promotes learning of ethnic languages

(VOVWORLD) - 80% of the population in the northern birder province of Lang Son are Tay, Nung, Dao, Hoa, San Chay, and Mong, who speak their ethnic languages and practice different customs and cultures. This causes a lot of difficulties for administrative work. Since 2015 Lang Son authorities have regularly organized classes on ethnic languages for local administrators.
Lang Son promotes learning of ethnic languages  - ảnh 1A class of thnic language for state employees and cadres in Lang Son province. (photo: Duy Thai/VOV)

Hoang Thi Them, a Tay woman working at Lang Son Radio and Television Station, attends a Tay language class for state employees and cadres twice a week in an effort to better serve broadcasts for the Tay.

“The class is very useful. The enthusiastic lecturers teach basic and close-to-life knowledge. I learn a lot of interesting and helpful things for my work,” Them said.

Lang Son province has 12 education centers offering ethnic language classes, mostly Tay and Nung. Students learn reading and listening through topics and traditional culture and customs. 

Nguyen Thi Huong, Deputy Director of the Vocational Training Center of Cao Loc district, said that in order to improve the effectiveness of learning ethnic languages, the Center applies flexible teaching methods to promote students' initiative, uses information technology and visual aids, and encourages students to practice in the community. 

“We regularly organize field trips for students to communicate with ethnic people to better understand their culture, customs, and habits. The content is often about daily life and the application of science and technology in production. They also visit household economic models, historical sites, and scenic spots,” said Huong.

Lang Son promotes learning of ethnic languages  - ảnh 2Online classes on ethnic languages attract many participants. (Duy Thai/VOV)  

Since 2015 over 200 Tay and Nung language classes were held and 8,000 students received certificates. Phan My Hanh, Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Training of Lang Son province, said:                              

A lot of state employees and soldiers have signed up for ethnic language classes. Being able to understand and use ethnic languages in daily life is very useful for their work. The classes also help preserve ethnic languages and cultures,” Hanh said.

Popularizing ethnic languages is one of Vietnam’s policies to promote the cultures of ethnic groups. It’s also a way to better communicate Party guidelines and State policies to ethnic people.

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