Digital publishing to take off in Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) - The launch of “The draw move” in late May marked the launch of the publishing platform uBASE in line with Vietnam’s digital transformation in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era. We’ll talk to Nguyen Huy Du, the founder and CEO of the Smart Education Development Company, about digital publishing in Vietnam and his product uBASE.
Digital publishing to take off in Vietnam  - ảnh 1CEO Nguyen Huy Du introduces “The draw move” at a ceremony in Hanoi on May 30, 2020. 

Several publishers in Vietnam have used digital platforms for publishing, editing, and design.  What are the advantages of uBASE?

uBASE is a comprehensive solution that includes hardware and software and user application in either difficult or favorable conditions. uBASE puts the interests of the community ahead of profits.

Digital publishing has begun in Vietnam, but so far it remains underdeveloped because it is a bit misunderstood. Digital publishing targets not only reading culture, but also the habit of using books.

Reading, listening, and watching are just means of receiving information. I hope uBASE will get people back to books, not just reading, like the time when there were only printed books.

When someone decides to buy a book, why should they think of logging onto

Seeing is believing. We’ll conduct an advertising campaign and then give users opportunities to experience and see the benefits. In the past, when a book was sold, nobody cared much about feedback. 

The first thing I do after launching a book is gather feedback from the readers, to suggest improvements to that book, and more importantly, to suggest the next project.

How do you gather customer feedback?

We use social networks like Facebook and Zalo. Book dealers are also a good channel. Any feedback from customers is extremely important to the project. We select interesting and useful opinions to print in the next edition. The printed feedback may come from a celebrity or just an ordinary reader. The important thing is the value of the comment. This becomes a two-way communication and exchange.

What are you doing to change people’s perceptions of digital books?

Take “The draw move”, for example. It costs 46,000 VND or about 2 USD to own the 13-story book and read it again and again, at any time. Our system remembers who you are and how many books you have bought, making you eligible for lucky draws. 

Education must come from two sides - the educator and the consumer. We hope to influence the adults, who in turn will influence their children.

Thank you for this interview. That was Nguyen Huy Du, the founder and CEO of the Smart Education Development Company, on VOV.