Exhibition explores how younger generation perceives life

(VOVWORLD) - A multimedia exhibition called “What are we fiddling with?” is underway in Hanoi. 125 artworks by 100 artists from all over Vietnam, give a glimpse into the country's contemporary fine arts.

Exhibition explores how younger generation perceives life - ảnh 1 (Photo: VCCA) 

The exhibition is divided into 2 sections. The first section contains acrylic and watercolor paintings, carved paintings, and sculptural works. The second contains lacquerware paintings and other genres.

“The exhibition reflects youth’s perspective on the future. Its title 'What are we fiddling with?' expresses their curiosity about a world filled with unknown things,” said Le Thanh Tung, a member of the Standing Committee of the Young Artists’ Club.

Nuances of emotion and expression pervade 'Potted Plants' by Trieu Phuong, “In Hang Trong Garden” by Hoai Giang and Nguyen Trang, and “March Flowers” by Nguyen Tuan Hoang.

“Silence” by Nguyen Thanh Hao and “Decay” by Vu Tuan Viet particularly typify the thoughts and sentiments of today’s young people. Painter Nguyen Thanh Hao said, “The work reflects a connection between the inner part of myself and the outside world. I focus the light and space at a specific point of time, conveying the message that you need to stay calm in any situation to solve a problem.”

The diverse art works encapsulate young people’s thoughts, life experience, and perspective on the future. 

“The art works reveal the efforts of young artists to develop. We expect a great renewal of Vietnam’s contemporary art in the time to come,” said Luong Xuan Doan, Chairman of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

Exhibition explores how younger generation perceives life - ảnh 2 (Photo: Hoang Yen) 

The exhibition is attracting lots of young visitors. including Dao Van Quan and Ha Nguyen, students at Hanoi Architectural University:

“The painting “March Flowers” harmonizes art and architecture. I think I can learn something from this exhibition and apply it to my future job,” said student Dao Van Quan at Hanoi Architectural University.

The exhibition will be open until July 25 at the Vincom Center for Contemporary Art, in Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.