Publications about President Ho Chi Minh and National Day released

(VOVWORLD) - Many publications, including those written by President Ho Chi Minh, have been released  to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the August Revolution (August 19) and National Day (September 2). The documents are important historical records inspiring Vietnamese people’s national pride and patriotism. 

Publications about President Ho Chi Minh and National Day released  - ảnh 1The online book exhibition on the website. (Photo: 

A virtual book exhibition is being held on showcasing books, videos, documents, photos and stamps, selected from publishers. The exhibition dedicates a corner to display publications written by President Ho Chi Minh. They include Duong Kach Menh (The Revolutionary Path) and Nhat Ky Trong Tu (Diary in Prison), two books featuring President Ho Chi Minh’s call urging the entire people of Vietnam to resist French colonial rule in 1946, and his appeals for national resistance against the US in 1966, and President Ho Chi Minh testament.

“The book series called “President Ho Chi Minh’s Literary Works - National Treasure”, consists of five books that encourage people to study and follow President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology and moral lifestyle,” said Nguyen Nguyen, Head of Department of Publishing and Printing under the Ministry of Information and Communications. 

The Information and Communication Publishing House also released a collection of 6 books about President Ho Chi Minh to mark his 130th birthday (19/5/1890 - 19/5/2020). The books provide valuable knowledge about President Ho’s revolutionary life and his contributions to Vietnam and the global revolutionary campaigns.

I spent a lot of time doing research on President Ho Chi Minh. I was lucky to have been born and brought up in the central province of Nghe An, the hometown of President Ho Chi Minh. I compiled this book with love and respect to share with readers about his life, especially in terms of cultural issues,” said Associate Professor. Doctor. Le Dinh Cuc who compiled the book “Ho Chi Minh – cultural symbol of Vietnam”. 

The National Politics - Truth Publishing House has issued the first publication of a series of books on President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology. Most noteworthy is a photo book called “Ho Chi Minh – a symbol of peace and friendship between Vietnam and the world” in both Vietnamese and English.

Publications about President Ho Chi Minh and National Day released  - ảnh 2The National Politics - Truth Publishing House has released numerous books about President Ho Chi Minh. (Photo: 

Another book about President Ho Chi Minh’s testament will be translated into Russian and published there in the near future. The book will be translated by Sveta Glazunova, an expert on Vietnamese studies and a lecturer of Vietnamese language at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“President Ho Chi Minh’s testament, written from 1965 to 1969, is a priceless historical document featuring wholehearted instructions and aspirations of his life. The special document has become a guideline for Vietnam’s revolution and development during the past half a century. It is the quintessence of the nation and the humankind, and also the quintessence of his lofty ideology, morality, style and soul,” said Acting Director and Editor-in-Chief of the National Political – Truth Publishing House Pham Chi Thanh. 

President Ho Chi Minh, the 1945 August Revolution and National Day, are the endless source of inspiration for composers and writers. Over the last 75 years, many outstanding works featuring these themes have been released, vividly illustrating Vietnam, its land and people.