Book Day features Vietnamese cultural life

(VOVworld)- The third Vietnam Book Day once again underlines the roles of publishers, readers, collectors, authors and book promoters. The highlight of this year’s event is a book festival to be held from April 20th to 24th in Thong Nhat park, Hanoi. 87 publishing houses and distributors will participate. VOV’s Phuong Thuy reports.

Book Day features Vietnamese cultural life - ảnh 1

This year’s Vietnam Book Day is themed “Books and life” and activities are classified by topics. In the panel event, readers will have a chance to talk with managers, famous authors, and critics about reading skills in modern life. There will be get-togethers where participants may discuss cultural, political and social issues raised in recent books. Other events will introduce Vietnam’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage recognized nationally and internationally.

Vietnam Book Day, which falls on April 21st, is celebrated beyond Hanoi. Chu Van Hoa, Director General of the Authority of Publication, Printing and Distribution of the Ministry of Information and Communications, told VOV: “This year the organizing work is much better than last year. In the first year organizers were often confused. In the second and third year, lessons were learned. Provinces like Bac Ninh and Ha Nam went to host a Book Day. Provincial Departments of Information and Communications have sent teams to learn how to organize these festivals. Many provinces are now ready to host an event and have raised funds, including Nam Dinh, Ha Nam and Bac Ninh. Book Day has had a positive response”.

Thousands of children’s books, and books on literature, economics, culture, society, and science will be promoted. Chu Van Hoa said publishing houses and readers make the day possible: “The biggest contributors are publishing houses, book stores and book distributors. They register to set up booths and cover part of the costs. The organizers’ money is only used to create posters and stage the opening ceremonies. In the future, as Book Day becomes more popular, the organizing board may call for business donations to pay for related events”.