Children protected in pandemic

(VOVWORLD) - In the past years, the Vietnamese Party and State and society have paid special attention to the care and education of children considering it a top priority in ensuring social security and national stability and development. During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnamese children are considered the most vulnerable who need particular care and protection from society.
Children protected in pandemic - ảnh 1Pupils at Xuan Phuong Primary School. Hanoi, line up for COVID-19 test on January 31st, 2021 ( 

The Party Politburo issued a decree strengthening Party leadership in the care, education, and protection of children. The Vietnamese National Assembly ratified a Law on Children. The Prime Minister adopted a Program on Child Protection in the 2016-2020 period, a National Action Program on Preventing and Combating Violence against Children until 2025, and a Directive on ensuring children’s rights and child protection. Vietnam’s laws and policies on children and its child protection activities have been steadily revised.

Policies on child care, protection and education have been effectively implemented. As a result, the rate of children in disadvantaged circumstances has fallen 5% and 80% of disadvantaged children have received care and support to integrate into the community and develop. Communications have been strengthened to disseminate information about laws, knowledge, and skills in child care, protection, and education, and prevention of injuries and drowning among children. Programs and projects on child care and protection have been diversified and received various resources from society. Special attention has been paid to the protection of children at risk of violence, exploitation, and being abused and abandoned. Child care services have been upgraded. Across Vietnam, there are more than 140 child care establishments, 40 social protection centers, more than 11,000 school consultation points and 6,300 community consultation points. There are also hundreds of social support centers managed by the labor sector and social work centers in hospitals which engage in providing child care and protection services.

During impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnamese children are among the most vulnerable and need more care from the society. This year’s Action Month for Children focuses on promoting child rights and protection in natural disasters and epidemics. A contest on information safety for school children has been launched involving multiple ministries and agencies. The Youth Union has implemented activities in response to the Action Month for Children in June.

Women and children have top priority in the government’s program against COVID-19. Government policies on social security have focused on resolving problems in social distancing facing children, parents, and teachers. Strong measures by the government, ministries, sectors and localities have helped children overcome epidemic difficulties.