Community loudspeakers – an effective tool in fighting COVID-19

(VOVWORLD) - As the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading nationwide, community loudspeakers scattered in the community have become an effective tool to disseminate information about the disease and prevention measures.
Community loudspeakers – an effective tool in fighting COVID-19 - ảnh 1

Every morning at 7 am, members of the local militia team in Trung Hoa ward, Hanoi, begin a new working day. On a motorbike with a loudspeaker behind it, they visit every corner of the community to disseminate information about COVID-19. Tran Van Vuong, a team member, said: "My team has two members and each of us will go to different places. From morning to afternoon, we go to 6 places and stop for 15 minutes in each place."

The communication programs on the loudspeakers are updated and diversified drawing attention of the local people.

Tran Minh Loan, a resident in Trung Hoa ward, said, "Loudspeakers are very useful giving us information on how to prevent the disease, practice distancing, and protect ourselves against the pandemic. Because the epidemic is getting more complicated, we need to learn and implement all prevention measures. When we are in the streets, loudspeakers are very useful."

Information delivered through the loudspeakers helps people become more prepared during the pandemic, said Nguyen Thi Dao, a resident in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

"The community loudspeakers disseminate information and instructions on disease prevention measures recommended by the Ministry of Health. Through the broadcasts, we are updated on the epidemic situation, infection cases, and other useful information," said Dao.

In villages, the community loudspeakers are key for COVID-19 communications. Together with other media forms, they have raised people’s awareness about disease prevention and control.