Connecting 4 countries into 1 tourist destination

Connecting 4 countries into 1 tourist destination - ảnh 1
Connecting 4 countries into 1 tourist destination

The tourism competitiveness of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam, known as the CLMV group, is weaker than in the 6 other ASEAN countries. Though there is great tourism potential in their rich natural and cultural heritage, their tourism cooperation remains ineffective with just a few delegation exchanges and international tourism events. In 2014, these countries and Japan jointly organized a tourism fair and a workshop on CLMV waterway tourism in Japan. Angkor Air, Lao Airlines, Myanmar Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines signed a cooperative program. Since the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community, cooperation among these four countries is needed to keep pace with regional growth and narrow their development gaps. Tourism is a priority because it is a a driving force for the kind of growth that can reduce poverty and raise people’s living standards. Their great natural resources and cultural diversity give CLMV what they need to develop tourism and promote their economic growth.

Under the 2016-2018 Tourism Development Cooperation Program, the 4 countries will cooperate in exploiting key tourist routes, developing new routes, and exchanging tourists. They have agreed to set up tours of heritages in Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, tours of the Mekong river connecting Vietnam and Cambodia, and ecological tours connecting Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. The countries will also work with other partners to develop tourism infrastructure.

In 2015, these four countries received a total of 22 million foreign tourists, 12.7% more than in the previous year, and earned 21 billion USD. In 2015, Cambodia’s tourism sector contributed 13.5% of Cambodia’s GDP. The figure in Vietnam was 6.6%, in Laos 4.6%, and in Myanmar 2.6%. Determined to expand their sectors, the four countries are committed to linking themselves into a single tourist destination.