“Connecting millions of hearts” program launched on iNhandao

(VOVWORLD) - The Ministry of Science and Technology has launched a program called “Connecting millions of hearts” on the iNhandao digital platform. It’s part of a national project to develop a Vietnamese digital knowledge system.
“Connecting millions of hearts” program launched on iNhandao  - ảnh 1The “Connecting millions of hearts” program was launched on Oct 1, 2020. (photo: the organizing board)

Launched in 2018, the national project will build a data platform and disseminate knowledge in the fields of socio-economic development and science and technology, while creating favorable conditions for the community to participate in contributing, sharing, exploiting, and creating digital applications for production, business, and daily life activities through a digital knowledge system.

After 3 years it has built digital foundations in humanitarianism, education, healthcare, culture, and tourism, allowing the community to connect, share data, and work together implementing activities for the benefit of the entire society, contributing to accelerating digital transformation in Vietnam.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Le Xuan Dinh said: “IT and the Industrial Revolution 4.0 will create good conditions for Vietnam to narrow the gap between remote and urban areas. Information flow will fill in the gap to bring equal opportunities to young people.”

A Digital Education Platform at iGiaoduc.vn will collect materials to build an online database for studying and teaching for pupils and teachers.

Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha said: “Teachers and students in remote mountains and islands can access the online database to benefit from the digital resources. I believe that educational quality and education will further improve.”

The “Connecting millions of hearts” program calls for all people to contribute to the program in all forms – cash, kind, and knowledge – for social benefit. At the launch of the program, two new platforms were launched, including a Covid-19 Safe Living Map (antoancovid.vn) and a Compilation Project for the Vietnamese Encyclopedia (bktt.vn).

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