Each individual is fighter against pandemic

(VOVWORLD) - As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc called for a stronger response from the public, the political system, sectors, and localities, in complying with the advice of health officials and local authorities. The public has responded to the Prime Minister’s call by implementing measures to protect themselves and others.
Each individual is fighter against pandemic - ảnh 1Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications launches a donation campaign to support the combat against the Covid-19 pandemic by sending SMS messages. 

In recent days, the heads of residential groups; representatives of the Fatherland Front, the Women’s Union, and the Youth Union; and police have been visiting households to inform people about COVID-19 prevention and control activities. People have been asked to keep their home and local environment clean, wear face masks whenever they go out in public, and avoid contact with other people.

If a family member shows any symptom of sickness, such as a cough or a high temperature, it should be reported immediately to local authorities. Administrative officials have been visiting people with reported symptoms to obtain their travel history. Regular public service announcements have kept people aware of daily pandemic developments.

Do Hoang Viet, a resident in To Huu street, Ha Đong district, Hanoi said: "I tell every person in my family to maintain their personal hygiene, wash their hands, and wear a face mask in public. We avoid crowded places. If everyone acts responsibly, we can defeat the pandemic.”

"Everyone must heighten his awareness to protect himself and the community. My family members almost never go out, except for something very important,” Vu Hoang Ha said.

“Patriotism is staying where you are. Patriotism is protecting yourself.” During this COVID-19 pandemic, everyone should remember these simple slogans, abide by all travel restrictions, and follow all medical advice. 

Responding to the Prime Minister’s call, many people have donated to the fight. Le Minh Tue, a second-grader at Nguyễn Khả Trạc primary school in Hanoi, donated his savings of 20 USD.

Minh Tue said: “I’ve learned that the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading rapidly. Government leaders, doctors, and soldiers are sacrificing their sleep to take care of other people. Soldiers on regular duty have given up their rooms to quarantined people. I respect their actions and feel sorry for them. They inspired me to donate my savings to the Government to buy more face masks, medicines, and food.”  

Minh Tue’s generous act reminds us that we must all work with the government to fight the pandemic. Everyone must remember that to protect the community is to protect oneself. 

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