E-prescription to be implemented nationwide in 2021

(VOVWORLD) - On January 1, 2021, hospitals nationwide will start using electronic prescriptions. The Administration of Medical Examination and Treatment of the Ministry of Health has piloted e-prescription software at two hospitals in Ha Tinh and Hung Yen province. All medical prescriptions written at these two hospitals have been integrated into the national e-prescription system.

E-prescription to be implemented nationwide in 2021 - ảnh 1E-medical records are managed at the University Medical Centre Ho Chi Minh City. 

Most hospitals write medical prescriptions on paper, making it difficult to identify the origin or know whether or not a prescription is valid.

Most all central hospitals now use prescription management software, but their systems are not synchronized. Distributing e-prescription software to all hospitals will solve the problem.

Selling only prescribed medicines would avoid the current abuse of antibiotics and controlled medicine.

Patients will be able to contact the doctor who prescribed a medicine to request a prescription refill and provide feedback. The system will reduce prescription violation and warn patients about discontinued or prohibited medications.

Nguyen Quang Tuan, Director of Bach Mai Hospital, said, “The top priority of health care facilities is to improve the quality of treatment and patient safety. To that end, teams of doctors and nurses have been formed at many hospitals to get pharmacists to provide information about medicine, help doctors prescribe the right medicine, and track medicine -related incidents.”

All prescriptions from healthcare facilities nationwide will be sent to the national e-prescription database and shared with the Health Ministry, local Health Departments, and healthcare facilities. Pharmacies will dispense medicines following e-prescriptions.

The Health Ministry will continue testing the software at central, provincial, and district hospitals before launching the system nationwide.