Fight against corruption strengthened

(VOVWORLD) - The Vietnamese Party and State have a strong political determination to fight corruption. Over the years Vietnam has strengthened its anti-corruption efforts, especially since the pandemic began.
Fight against corruption strengthened - ảnh 1Fighting corruption was discussed at the second session of the 15th National Assembly

Since Vietnam declared its independence in 1945, the Communist Party of Vietnam has made fighting corruption and waste two primary tasks. It treats corruption and waste as two dangerous enemies which threaten to weaken the country. For the past 77 years, the Communist Party of Vietnam has fought corruption continuously, and its determination to prevent corruption has been clearly reflected in documents, resolutions, and decrees of the Party Central Committee, the Party Politburo, and the Party Secretariat and in State laws.

In recent years, the fight against corruption has been “no holds barred”. Corruption cases have been publicly dealt with in a transparent manner and received public support.

In the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of life and caused numerous difficulties. The Vietnamese Party and government have adopted polices to protect public health, ensure social security, and bring society into a new period of safely and flexibly adapting to the pandemic. But some organizations and individuals have sought to corruptly profit from the pandemic. A number of corruption cases have been reported, sparking an angry response from the public.

To preserve public trust the Party and State have promptly and strictly dealt with all attempts to corruptly exploit the pandemic.

In 2021, Party Committees and Inspection Committees at all levels disciplined 618 Party members for corruption and other law violations. The Party Central Committee’s Inspection Commission inspected Party organizations and Party members suspected of engaging in corruption.

The Party Central Committee, the Party Politburo, and the Party Secretariat have punished several senior officials for engaging in corruption or negativity. 32 of the officials were under the management of the Party Politburo and the Party Secretariat.

Legal enforcement agencies nationwide have investigated and prosecuted 390 corruption-related cases. 10 major, complicated, serious cases have been prosecuted, and investigations have been expanded to senior officials and retired officials.

While focused on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam has never put the fight against corruption on hold. The Vietnamese Party and government have promptly dealt with corruption cases, some of which have caused major harm to people’s lives.

The Vietnamese Party and government have fine-tuned institutions to prevent corruption, especially in areas where it is most likely to occur, like mechanisms and institutions that deal with property, income, bidding, land use, or finance. Vietnam has also revised the Inspection Law, the Land Law, the Law on Democracy Exercise in Communes, Wards, and Towns, and other laws that are concerned with anti-corruption efforts.

The Vietnamese Party and State have been resolute in fighting corruption and consider it an enemy against which the fight will be difficult and long.