Memories of April 30th – a victory of consensus

(VOVWORLD) - Every year on the anniversary of Reunification Day April 30,  war veterans in Dak Lak province get together to share their memories. The Buon Ma Thuot Victory on March 10, 1975, successfully opened the Central Highlands campaign, creating a historic turn for the Spring 1975 General Offensive and Uprising and ultimately leading to the success of the Ho Chi Minh campaign which liberated the south and reunified Vietnam.
Memories of April 30th – a victory of consensus - ảnh 1Dak Lak province organizes an exhibition on the province's history and development  to mark Reunification Day April 30, 2020. (photo:

45 years after the liberation of the South and national reunification, witnesses of the Spring 1975 General Offensive and Uprising are still moved recalling their memories.

Nguyen Thi Minh Trinh, Deputy Head of Political Affairs Division, told VOV: “I understood the situation of the enemy. I ordered local units and the political affairs division to persuade enemy soldiers to desert the army and encourage local people to revolt. We decided to kill some of the most notorious guys to break their influence and make it easier for people to revolt.”

War veteran Trinh Ngoc Bo was 21 years old when he joined the army to fight in the eastern battleground of Dak Lak. He was wounded 4 times. He recalls winning a victory without firing a single shot, capturing 28 prisoners, collecting 50 weapons of various kinds, and liberating Krông Pách commune in Phước An precinct.

“It was the night of February 28. Our team of 9 soldiers was ordered to liberate a commune while Phuoc An precinct and Buon Ma Thuot remained occupied. We used loudspeakers to call on enemy soldiers and the local administration to surrender. We told them the liberation army surrounded the commune. We said if they resisted, they would be killed. They surrendered after about 10 minutes.” Bo said.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan, one of two people who made national flags at the H4 revolutionary base in Dak Lak, said: “We sewed national flags day and night. No one imagined we could win and liberate the South in 1975. We were very nervous.”

The Buon Ma Thuot Victory was due in no small part to unity and consensus. That same unity helped Buon Ma Thuat city and Dak Lak province heal the wounds of war and obtain achievements in socio-economic development.

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