Power delegated to attract talents

(VOVWORLD) - On the internet there are distortions and misinformation about personnel preparations for the next Party Central Committee tenure. But the Party’s strategic personnel planning ahead of the 13th National Party Congress shows that distortions will fail to lower the prestige of the Party.

At its 12th Plenum, the 12th Party Central Committee announced personnel preparations for the 13th National Party Congress. The Party Central Committee and the Politburo follow the motto of carrying out step by step the set procedures for preparing future strategic Party cadres. Under these procedures, personnel for the Party Central Committee are planned first, followed by personnel plans for the Politburo, the Party Secretariat, and finally the key posts of Party General Secretary, State President, National Assembly Chair, and Prime Minister.

Power delegated to the grassroots level

The preparation of strategic cadres for the 13th National Party Congress differs from previous congresses. This time the Party Central Committee will set policies and guidelines for personnel work, but the selection of talented, competent cadres is done by the Party Committee and Party organizations at the grassroots level. Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong stressed the importance of selecting competent cadres for the Party Central Committee, saying it is the job of the entire Party, the whole political system, and all of society. The 12th Plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee highlighted the need to delegate power in selecting and preparing members for the next Party Central Committee and at the same time uphold the responsibility of those who nominate strategic cadres.

The Party Central Committee has followed these procedures in preparing strategic cadres. Managed by the Party Politburo, the Party Secretariat and the Steering Committee for Strategic Cadres Preparation for the 2021-2026 tenure convened in November, 2018, for Party Committees of all cities and provinces, to prepare strategic personnel for the 13th Party Central Committee.

Upholding responsibility of nominators

The Party Central Committee’s motto of delegating power and trusting affiliated Party Committees creates conditions for all Party Committees and organizations to uphold their responsibility in finding and nominating personnel at localities and agencies and preparing for appraisal and review of nominees by the Party Central Committee. Preparations have been made following all standard procedures and principles to ensure the competency of cadres.

By delegating power and upholding the responsibility of nominators, the Party Central Committee wants to prevent the buying of power, irresponsible selection, and unauthorized intervention in the Party’s personnel work. Through strict procedures the Party Central Committee has selected capable candidates for the next tenure. The list of the candidates will be discussed in the coming sessions of the 12th Party Central Committee.

All-out efforts and thorough personnel preparation by the Party Central Committee have nullified sabotage attempts by hostile forces.