Preparations made for 2020 high school graduation exams

(VOVWORLD) - 900,000 students will sit for the high school graduation examinations scheduled for August 9 and 10. Preparations for the examinations are now being completed.
Preparations made for 2020 high school graduation exams - ảnh 1

During the 2 days of examinations, candidates will take tests in math, literature, and one foreign language, plus a combined test either in the natural sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology) or in the social sciences (history, geography, and civics).

This year more than 10,000 students from Da Nang city will take the exams. Da Nang’s Department of Education and Training has mobilized personnel to oversee 25 examination sites. Mai Tan Linh, Deputy Director of the Da Nang Department of Education and Training, said that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have conducted practice tests to help their students prepare for the exams instead of sending their students to city-held practice tests. "The Department has asked schools to help their 12th graders prepare for the examinations," said Linh.

Quang Ninh’s Steering Committee for the High School Final Examination has organized online meetings for 13 districts, towns, and cities to discuss training of teachers and examiners, examination infrastructure, and other preparations. Dinh Ngoc Son, Deputy Director of the Quang Ninh Provincial Department of Education and Training, said more than 14,000 students in the province will take the examinations at 34 examination sites. Mr. Son said: "Since June we have been preparing infrastructure and human resources. We have asked teachers to obtain each student’s phone number, and have mobilized police, border guards, soldiers, and naval soldiers to assist students on islands and in other remote areas."

This year the Ministry of Education and Training has asked cities and provinces to organize the examinations in their localities using strict disease prevention measures.