Quang Ninh province shuts down open pit coal mines

(VOVWORLD) - Quang Ninh province will close its open pit coal mines this year to pave the way for the development of local tourism and services and protect Ha Long Bay, a world natural heritage site.
Quang Ninh province shuts down open pit coal mines - ảnh 1Quang Ninh will close all open pit coal mines in 2019. 

For the last hundreds of years, Quang Ninh province has exploited open pit coal mines which has caused serious consequences to soil degradation, reduced forest coverage, worsened the quality of surface and ground water, increased landslide, and changed the terrain. Further more, the landscape and environment of Ha Long city and Ha Long Bay have been affected.

Quang Ninh has 36 open pit coal mines in Uong Bi-Mao Khe, Hon Gai, and Cam Pha. Nguyen Ngoc Thu, Director of the Quang Ninh provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment, said the Department has worked with the Vietnam Coal -Mineral Industries Corporation to speed up the closure of open pit coal mines to reserve land for socio-economic development. “We’ll have a road map to shut down open pit coal mines, revert the environment to the original state, and hand over the areas to the local authority. Some businesses have planned to invest in building golf courses and other services to develop green urban areas in Ha Long and Cam Pha city,” Thu said.

Quang Ninh province will propose the Prime Minister withdraw Thang Long cement factory 2 and Ha Long cement company 2 in Hoanh Bo from Vietnam’s national cement industry development planning. The two factories, which are located near Ha Long Bay, have caused serious environmental pollution and affected people’s lives.

Mineral exploitation, national energy supply, and tourism development have challenged Ha Long city. Nguyen Xuan Ky, Vice Secretary of the Quang Ninh provincial People’s Council, said the province’s main task is ensuring tourist development while preserving its heritages. “In Ha Long we’ll closely manage discharges from tourist and transport boats. We’ll engage state management agencies, people, and tourists in environmental protection in the Bay,” Ky said.

Cao Tuong Huy, Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh province’s People’s Committee, said the closure of open pit coal mines is in line with Ha Long city’s strategy of promoting green, sustainable development to become a coastal tourism hub of international standards.

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