Tuan Tu vegetable village in spring

(VOVworld) – Tuan Tu is a famous vegetable village in Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan province. It’s especially crowded with traders before Tet.

Tuan Tu vegetable village in spring - ảnh 1
Hua Van San is tending asparagus (photo: Xuan Nong)

The Cham people of Tuan Tu village earn their living by growing vegetables, supplying tons of vegetables and fruits to the market. Villager Chau Thi Ot says: “Our grandparents grew watermelons, beans, and cabbages for the family. We have applied farming technology to grow many other types of vegetables, which bring us a stable income.”

Using modern technology, farmers in Tuan Tu village have increased their productivity and ensured food safety and hygiene. Tuan Tu farmers apply Vietgap standards to growing asparagus. Farm households have formed a cooperative which contracts to supply vegetables to companies and supermarkets. Hung Ky , Head of the Tuan Tu Cooperative, says: “We cannot meet all of the market demand for asparagus. Our lives have improved and some families are better-off.”

Hardworking farmers have turned Tuan Tu village, which was endowed by nature with fertile land and favorable weather, into a verdant and attractive tourist village.

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