Viet Tan: terrorist and reactionary nature

(VOVworld) - In order to deceive the overseas Vietnamese community, Hoang Co Minh founded the organization "Vietnam Reform Revolutionary Party" - referred to as Viet Tan - to conduct hostile activities against Vietnam with the ambition of overthrowing the people's administration in Vietnam.

After the Great Victory in the spring of 1975, with the help from special foreign agencies and international reactionaries, some exile people having blood debts to Vietnam's people founded reactionary organisations to carry out plots and sinister activities to remove the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Viet Tan is one of such organizations. However, like many other reactionary organizations, they have the same disastrous outcome.

A sinful past ...

After the Great Victory in the spring of 1975, Vietnam entered a new era of unity, national independence and socialism. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, our people quickly overcame the dire consequences of 30 years of war to rebuild facilities for socialism.

In 1980, on the 5th anniversary of the April 30 victory, Hoang Co Minh (former brigadier general, navy deputy admiral under the Saigon regime) and some exile persons set up a reactionary organization called "National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam". With the help of some hostile forces, Hoang Co Minh and his followers established "resistance bases"  in the mountains of Thailand  as a springboard to send weapons and fighters into Vietnam.

With an extravagant ambition and in order to deceive the overseas Vietnamese community, Hoang Co Minh founded Viet Tan in 1982 with a full platform, charter and goals. 
Hoang Co Minh and his accomplices expected to build' secret bases" in Vietnam's central, central highlands, and southeastern provinces. They hoped to hook up with reactionary organizations in the country, bringing people into the woods for training then bringing them back to conduct hostile activities. 
Viet Tan became an effective tool of hostile forces against Vietnam's revolution during the post-war period, a puppet of the style called "multifaceted sabotage war" and "peace movements" aimed at Vietnam.
....and a tragic end

To achieve its wild goal, from 1982 to 1989, Viet Tan brought fighters and weapons into Vietnam’s territory, conducted campaigns "Eastward 1", "Eastward 2", and "Eastward 3" ... through Laos and Cambodia. However, Vietnamese security agencies knew well about its plots and plans from the beginning of the 1980s. With a perfect plan, Vietnamese security agencies captured the first group of fighters before they set up "secret bases" in Vietnam.
Next, Vietnam’s border security soldiers coordinated with Laos and Cambodia to eliminate a group of 51 fighters led by Duong Van Tu during their “Eastward 1” campaign. Then, Hoang Co Minh himself led the "Eastward 2" campaign to enter and set up "secret bases" in Vietnam’s central highlands. The campaign was foiled by Vietnamese and Lao forces before the fighthers managed to enter Vietnam. 60 fighters were killed including Hoang Co Minh and 67 others arrested.
The direct leadership of the Central Committee's Secretariat of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Central Police Party Commission and the Ministry of Public Security, the creativity of security agencies, and close cooperation with the armed forces of Vietnam’s neighbors, helped to secure a successful operation.
This victory contributed significantly to maintaining political security in the context of extreme difficulties and was a confirmation that the "multifaceted sabotage war" and "peace movement" by hostile forces and reactionary organizations had completely failed.