Vietnam committed to economic recovery and growth

(VOVWORLD) - The socio-economic situation this year and next year is high on the agenda of the ongoing meeting of the Party Central Committee. Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s speech at the meeting delivered a strong message about Vietnam’s determination to stay safe in the pandemic, ensure livelihoods and health of the people, and recover and develop the economy in the remaining months of this year and next year. Mr. Trong’s speech has received strong support from the public.
Vietnam committed to economic recovery and growth - ảnh 1The 13th Party Central Committee convened its 4th plenum (photo: VOV)

Do Thi Xuyen, a resident of Co Nhue ward of Hanoi, said Party leader Trong’s guidelines are based on accurate identification of opportunities and challenges in the current situation. Xuyen says she is doing her utmost to complete her tasks and abide by the Party guidelines and state policies hoping to contribute her part to national development.

'I’m keen on the Party leader’s speech at the 4th plenum of the 13th Party Central Committee. I applaud the Party leader’s statements on Vietnam’s socio-economic situation and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a Party member, I’m confident in the guidelines, policies, and plans of the Party and State and the recovery and growth of the economy,' said Xuyen.

Vietnam committed to economic recovery and growth - ảnh 2(Photo:

Amid socio-economic difficulties and impacts of the pandemic, the Party leader’s speech urges for prompt measures to quickly recover and develop the economy. To Hoai Nam, Permanent Vice President and Secretary General of the Vietnam Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Association, said, 'With a better understanding of the pandemic and its challenges after nearly 2 years of  fighting it, particularly its 4th wave, we can work out scenarios for any situation. In his speech, the Party leader mentioned relevance and I think relevance is very important. If a plan is irrelevant, it cannot be fulfilled.'

Thanks to the resolute, cautious, and relevant management of the Party, State, and Government, Vietnam recoded positive socio-economic achievements in the past 9 months. Credit growth was 7.17% and total capital mobilization on the securities market grew 12%.  To achieve further economic growth, Vietnam is changing its goal of boosting economic growth into stabilizing the macro-economy, ensuring social security, and generating jobs for workers.

Economist Le Duy Binh said, 'The pandemic prevention measures need to be compatible with the pandemic’s risks. It’s necessary to give top priority to restoring production and business activities and normalizing goods distribution. Businesses now have a very simple wish. They want to restore their normal activities and deliver goods to all 63 cities and provinces nationwide.'

After analyzing and forecasting the pandemic’s development in Vietnam and the world in the coming time, the Party Central Committee has set the goal of containing the pandemic and restoring socio-economic development in order to fulfill the targets set for this year.

The meeting set out general goals, fundamental and important indexes, orientations, policies, tasks, solutions, plans, and roadmaps for 2022 which are practical and feasible.