Vietnam ready for 3rd trial phase of NanoCovax vaccine

(VOVWORLD) - NanoCovax, a COVID-19 vaccine produced by the Military Medical Academy in cooperation with Nanogen company, will enter its third trial phase this month. Once approved, it will be authorized for emergency use.
Vietnam ready for 3rd trial phase of NanoCovax vaccine - ảnh 1A medical worker is preparing to give the shot of Nano Covax for volunteers at Military Medical University in Hà Nội (Photo

Associate Professor Doctor Ho Anh Son, Director of the Military Medicine Research Institute of the Military Medical Academy, says the second trial phase of the NanoCovax vaccine has almost ended. Volunteers will be monitored until the end of this month. 100% of the volunteers have produced immunogenicity.  With the results of the second trial, the vaccine will undergo its third trial, involving 13,000 volunteers from across Vietnam.

Lieutenant General Do Quyet, Director of the Military Medical Academy said: 'Volunteers for the third-phase trial in June will be monitored for 42 days to evaluate the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness against the coronavirus. If the pandemic persists, we will seek approval from the Medical Ethics Council of the Ministry of Health for emergency use and will continue our evaluation afterwards. If approved, the vaccine will be administered in September.'

The second phase of human trials involved four groups, one group receiving a placebo and three other groups receiving different dosages of the vaccine. The third trial phase will involve a single 25 mcg dose, which is enough to produce antibodies and immunity. Volunteers will include workers at industrial parks. Doctor Pham Quang Thai of the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology said vaccination, by preventing severe infection or death, will reduce the load on the health system.

'Vaccination is our last line of defense against the epidemic. We have so far screened cases effectively, ensured vaccination procedures, and dealt with incidents. So it’s safe for recipients.' said Thai.