Vietnam’s concerted effort to fight corruption

(VOVWORLD) -The Vietnamese Party and government have resolutely directed the fight against corruption. Achieved results have hit back at hostile forces’ attempts to sabotage Vietnam with misinformation.
Vietnam’s concerted effort to fight corruption - ảnh 1Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong.

Corruption is a global challenge. It persists in every nation. The cause of corruption is not the regime or the ruling party. Arguments that “the one-party regime is the root of corruption”, “an arbitrary ruling party causes corruption”, and “corruption is a product of a public ownership of production materials and one-party autocracy” are an attempt by hostile forces to smear the prestige of the Communist Party of Vietnam, deny the Party leadership, and abolish socialism in Vietnam.  

Positive results in combating corruption

Distorted information cannot obscure the political will and achievements that the Party and government of Vietnam have gained in the fight against corruption. In the past 5 years, Vietnam has implemented strong measures and gained important results which have created a positive effect in society. Complex corruption cases have been detected and brought to trial. No area was exempted. Since the 12th National Party Congress, 1,300 party members have been punished for corruption and law violations. People’s courts at the local level have tried 436 corruption cases involving 1,118 defendants. The Government Inspectorate has monitored sectors which are prone to corruption and designated criminal investigation agencies to handle 188 corruption cases involving 335 people. The State Audit has scanned 434 agencies and moved to recollect 2.8 billion USD of unpaid taxes.

Functional agencies have made public information about corruption cases and enlisted the mass media, the people’s elected agencies, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, political and social organizations, and the public in the cause of anti-corruption.  International cooperation in anti-corruption has been expanded and the results are widely acknowledged. Vietnam’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2017 increased from 31 in 2015 and 35 in 2016 according to Transparency International.

People’s trust reinforces anti-corruption determination

Anti-corruption work has contributed to socio-economic development and strengthened public trust in the Party and socialism. The results have affirmed resolute determination of the Party and state to reform and purify the administration apparatus.

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