A Nor waterfall in Thua Thien-Hue province

(VOVWORLD) - The mountain district of A Luoi in Thua Thien-Hue province has a number of scenic spots: A Roang forest, A Nor waterfall, A Lin stream, and Par Le stream.

People say a trip to A Luoi is incomplete without a visit to A Nor waterfall. From A Luoi township head north on the Ho Chi Minh trail for two kilometers, then walk through the forest to reach A Nor waterfall. The sound of cascading water can be heard from hundreds of meters away.

A Nor waterfall has three falls, the tallest of which is 120 meters. At the foot of A Nor waterfall is a large lake where visitors can relax, swim, and listen to the birds. The waterfall is surrounded by a green forest dotted with white flowers. Adorning the cliffs are Azalea blossoms which flash vivid red in the sunshine.

Pham Minh Vui, a tourist from Quang Binh province, said: “A Nor waterfall is always a part of our trip to A Luoi. We enjoy the cool crystal-clear water, the poetic scenery, and the many delicious ethnic dishes. My family and I love this trip and have collected some great memories here. I intend to bring my family back to A Nor waterfall as often as I can.”  

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The community-based tourism group at A Nor waterfall helps visitors find nearby accommodations and places where they can sample the signature dishes of the Ta Oi and Pa Co ethnic minority.

Ho Thi Lan, a tourism service provider, told VOV:  “We serve traditional dishes like steamed sticky rice, fish grilled in bamboo tubes, roast chicken and pork, black rice cakes, wild vegetables, and ethnic wine. Visitors can order in advance or upon their arrival. We also provide cooking charcoal for visitors who bring their own food.”

Ethnic culture lends additional interest to a trip to A Nor waterfall. Viet Tien village at the entrance to the A Nor waterfall tourism area is a good place to learn about the customs, rituals, and festivals of the Ta Oi and Pa Co minority. Local ethnic people will perform their traditional songs and dances to the beat of gongs. Village elders will recount the heroic struggles of A Luoi district, a revolutionary base during the American war.

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According to Nguyen Manh Hung, Chairman of A Luoi district’s People’s Committee, the effort to draw more tourists to A Nor waterfall has involved upgrading the roads, connecting the site to the electricity grid, and persuading locals to provide tourism services.

“Before there were any investors, we established a tourism group in A Nor, made a plan, and mobilized investment in infrastructure. Locals people who want to provide tourism services are given financial support and training courses. We are working to promote A Nor waterfall site to a larger audience,” Mr. Hung said.

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