Amateur singing in Kien Giang province

(VOVworld) – Kien Giang is an ideal place for those who want peaceful holidays. It has beautiful islands and a primitive beauty. Apart from the spectacular scenery and delicious cuisine, tourists should not miss the traditional amateur singing of Kien Giang. VOV’s Lan Anh reports.
Amateur singing in Kien Giang province - ảnh 1
Amateur singing is usually performed by local farmers who love folk music. With the same lyrics and melody, each performer has his or her way of style. Researchers said   it is the open and free life style of the people by the rivers that is the basis of their improvisational singing. Most of the local people are descendants of the reclaimers of the southern land, thus their songs contain sad melodies reflecting nostalgia for home and memories of their origins. Nguyen Thi Thuy, a member of an amateur singing club in My Lam commune, said Kien Giang has 157 clubs with nearly 1,700 members.  Thuy said the club was set up to meet the spiritual life of local people: “The club operates once a month and attracts the participation of many local people. It helps preserve the traditional cultural values of this music style. Amateur singing is typical of inhabitants of the villages along zigzagging rivers. It brings pleasure to them, helping them to relax after a hard day of work”.

In 2013, amateur singing was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. This helps not only to preserve this art genre but also to encourage local amateur singing clubs to develop. The 2016 amateur singing and reformed theatre festival held in Hon Dat district, Kien Giang province saw the participation of 5 troupes with more than 30 local performers. The Nguyen Trung Truc festival, held on 26-28 August of the lunar calendar, welcome millions of visitors. Amateur singing performances at the festivals are always highly appreciated by the audience. La Van Tai, a member of an amateur singing club in Rach Gia city, said: “Our club operates very often. It is a chance for the people to meet and exchange songs featuring social and cultural values”.

Amateur singing is a form of entertainment unique for the Mekong River delta. Nguyen Thu Huong is a tourist from Hai Duong province: “Kien Giang province has many tourist attractions. Apart from its beautiful scenery, the amateur singing is the thing that interests tourists”.

Amateur singing in Kien Giang province - ảnh 2

Amateur singing has existed and developed along with the life of people in Kien Giang. It is an indispensible part of the spiritual life of the people there.