Hung Yen promotes sales of agricultural products

(VOVWORLD) - Hung Yen province has over the past several years increased trade promotion activities at festivals and trade fairs. This has given Hung Yen agricultural products a stronger foothold in domestic and foreign markets.

Hung Yen promotes sales of agricultural products - ảnh 1

Hung Yen province promotes its agricultural products in trade fairs (Photo: )

In 2020 Hung Yen province has organized several trade promotion conferences where businesses, supermarket managers, and Vietnam Airlines could meet with managers, cooperative members, and gardeners from Hung Yen province.

This year, the province organized a longan festival, a seminar on safe, sustainable agricultural production, tourism activities and visits to longan gardens, a week of Hung Yen longans in Hanoi, and a longan competition. These activities have made Hung Yen agricultural products better known around the world.

Hung Yen province’s trade promotion activities are aimed at strengthening the domestic market and expanding the export market. The province has provided local farmers with up-to-date market information, and helped them improve their product quality, expand their export markets, and increase their advertising.

Vice Chairman of the Hung Yen provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Minh Quang said: "The province is focused on improving the quality of local products to maintain the trust of customers and distributors. This is an important task in the current period. We intend to strengthen our foothold in the domestic market and expand the export market."

The province has introduced Hung Yen longans and other agricultural products at safe food and local specialty promotion programs in other cities and provinces.

Thanks to increased application of the VietGAP standard in production, Hung Yen longans have been included in flight menus on domestic and international routes of Vietnam Airlines.

Hung Yen promotes sales of agricultural products - ảnh 2

(Photo: baodautu,vn)

Mr. Ngo Hong Minh of Vietnam Airlines said: "Since 2019, we have cooperated with the Department of Industry and Trade to serve longans on flights of Vietnam Airlines. Our passengers really like longans. Applying VietGap production standards qualifies Hung Yen longans to be served on our planes."

Stable consumption thanks to strict application of the quality assurance process has assured Hung Yen farmers a stable income.

Nguyen Quang Dien of the Hung Yen Longan Cooperative said: "Vietnam Airlines acknowledged the quality of our products and gave us a big order. I’m very happy that farmers have effectively applied the VietGap standard."

Hung Yen province expects to harvest 11,000 tons of longans this year, 3,000 tons more than last year. The yields of other agricultural products like oranges and bananas have also risen now that even the Party Committee and administration of Hung Yen have engaged in trade promotion activities. The Farmers’ Association has regularly organized events to introduce local products, diversified distribution channels, and helped producers participate in trade fairs and online seminars.

Nguyen Tuan Viet, Chairman of the Hung Yen provincial Farmers’ Association, said: "The Farmers’ Association has asked the vocational training and farmers’ support centers to organize activities to connect farmers with businesses to help expand the market for local agricultural products like vegetables and fruits."

The province intends to work with Vietnamese Trade Councilors overseas and participate in international trade promotion events to seek new markets, focus more on building trademarks, brands, packaging, and labels, and promote geographical indications of local products. With these measures, Hung Yen hopes its agricultural products will find their way to more markets at home and abroad.