Lang Son promotes border gate economy

(VOVWORLD) - Bordering China, Lang Son province defines border gate economy as the spearhead of local economic development. The province has implemented several policies to attract investment into its border gate economic zones helping the local economy experience firm growth.

Lang Son promotes border gate economy - ảnh 1Agricultural products are waiting to be exported through Tan Thanh border gate (Photo: H. Nu) 

Lang Son is Vietnam’s first point in the economic corridor linking China’s Nanning with Hanoi and Hai Phong. It is also an important gateway connecting China and other ASEAN countries.

Nguyen Cong Truong, Deputy Chairman of the Lang Son provincial People’s Committee, said the province’s 12 border gates make up 53% of the local economy.

Truong told VOV: “We have arranged the local border crossing system as an effort to boost local economic development. We focus on attracting domestic and foreign investors in border gate projects.”

“Lang Son has worked closely with China’s Guangxi province to pave the way for import and export of ASEAN countries and other Chinese provinces through Lang Son in order to increase local revenues and create more jobs for the locals,” he added.

Last year, Lang Son completed several important works to serve border gate economic growth.  

Last December, a 4.7km cargo route between the Tan Thanh border gate in Vietnam and the Pu Zhai border gate in China came into operation, boosting bilateral trade and reducing transportation congestion, especially for farm produce exported to China.

Thanks to strengthening administrative reform and the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI), the Public Administration Reform Index (PAR INDEX), and the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), Lang Son has removed obstacles for businesses and boosted border trade.

Hoang Thi Quyen of Duc Long International Import-Export Company in Bac Ninh province said: “We export fruits and farm produce to China. Whenever our goods are transported to Tan Thanh border gate, all agencies facilitate the export of our products. They classify our products and prioritize fresh products.”

The Dong Dang-Lang Son border gate economic zone is one of Vietnam’s busy trading attractive. Strong investment has made it an important hub for economic cooperation between Lang Son and China’s Quangxi province and the two countries in general.

Phan Hong Tien, Head of the Management Board of the Dong Dang-Lang Son border gate economic zone, said Lang Son has offered many incentives for investors in the border economic zone.

“Investors and businesses in the local border gate economic zone enjoy several incentives including the Prime Minister’s special incentives in personal income taxes, corporate income taxes, land rents, and human and vehicle transits,” said Tien.

He added: “The provincial People’s Committee has asked relevant agencies to build preferential policies to support investment, particularly in the border gate economic zone, and boost links between local border crossings to promote economic growth.”

The Lang Son border gate economic zone has more than 5,000 businesses involved in production, trade, export, and import. Last year, it earned an estimated 4.7 billion USD from import-export activities and its contribution to the state budget increased 21.4% over the previous year.