A workout diet

(VOVWORLD) - Eating and exercise should go hand in hand whether it’s a casual workout or serious training. A proper diet is required to assure your workout efficiency. Nguyen Van Nam, a personal trainer at N’Club Fitness and Yoga Centre, will give us some advice on a diet for gym-goers.

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A: Welcome to VOV24/7’s Food Delight, we’re……

Hey B, you’re looking sprightly today. Where are you off to?

B: I’m going to the gym. I think that we are becoming more and more sedentary, sitting hours on end in the office. It's time to get up and do some exercise.

A: Wow, good idea. But it also means that you have to say no to pizza, and fast food.

You know when you go to the gym, you also have to watch your diet or else all that lunging and planking will be for naught.

B: I totally agree with you. Eating and exercise should go hand in hand whether it’s a casual workout or serious training.

Time for a consultation from an expert. Let’s go along to N’Club Fitness and Yoga Centre to find out more about this.

A: We’re meeting with Nguyen Van Nam, a personal trainer at N’Club Fitness and Yoga Centre.

B: Hi Nam, could you tell us about the typical daily menu for a person who’s working out?

Nam: Gym-goers should choose light food and have 3 main meals and 2 smaller ones per day. Breakfast is very important and is even considered to be more important for a gym-goer because it  puts you in a positive frame of mind and gives you energy for your workout. For breakfast, you should have black bread, an egg, a banana, and an apple or an orange. My lunch includes 200 grams of beef, plus rice and vegetables.  In the evening, after a workout, I have a normal meal. For those who want to loose weight you should not eat too much starch in the evening.

Apart from that, we also have 2 smaller ones. At 10 a.m, I have 1 boiled egg, a sausage, 2 bananas, and a carton of milk. In the afternoon, before working out, I have a light meal which includes 1 to 2 bananas and 1 egg. And remember to drink water during the day.

A: That seems a lot for me for one day.  Can you tell me more about the ideal diet for working out?

Nam:  Gym-goers should  focus on beef, chicken, shrimp and fish. Red meat can be a great muscle-building food because it is high in protein. So, beef is  ideal food for working out. 100 grams of beef contains 28 grams of protein. It is high in vitamin B6, B12, and iron which is good for building muscle. Beef shank is the best choice. For chicken, we should eat chicken breast. For vegetables, it’s better to have cabbage, cauliflower, and carrots. Black beans, small red beans, and green beans should be included in your daily menu because beans can be nutrient-rich for a sports diet.

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B: Beef is good for gym-goers to build muscle. Should we eat beef every day?

Nam: We should have beef two or three times a week because if you consume too much beef, it will increase the cholesterol level in your body. For 1 week, we should have chicken, shrimp, beef twice but you should have vegetables and salads every day. On the weekend, you can eat whatever you like but in reasonable portions.

A: With our PT’s suggestions, we hope that you can set up a menu of your own to have healthy body and fresh spirit. And keep tuning into our show for more tips and recipes. Good bye.