Detox water recipes for weight loss

(VOVWORLD) - We are now in summer which is also the season of various kinds of fruits. Why not try some detox drink made at home, using any combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs that you like?

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A: Hi you guys, welcome to VOV24/7’s Food Delight. I’m……and my co-host is B.

B: Hi guys. As COVID-19 is spreading, so cinemas, spas and gyms are temporarily closed.

A: Actually, I’m still maintaining my workout routine with some workout apps and I’m looking for drinks to detox my body.

B: Good idea. You can make detox water at home, using any combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs that you like.

And we have Tran Dinh Phuong, a bartender from EZ Cooking Center, to give us some detox water recipes, especially for those who wish to loose weight. You can ask him more.

Phuong: Hi everyone, today, I’ll show you how to make some kinds of detox drinks with vegetables and fruits such as celery, cucumber, orange, watermelon, apples and carrots.

A: The ingredients are varied and available all year round and you can have it whenever you want.

B: Celery is said to be a super food for weight loss. It is rich in minerals like calcium, sodium, copper, zinc, potassium and contains fatty acids and vitamins while oranges, watermelon, and carrots are rich sources of vitamins. How to combine this handful of ingredients into detox water? Let’s ask Phuong.

A: The first recipe include celery, cucumber, a little ginger and lemon juice. Only 4 ingredients for this detox, very simple, right?

Phuong: For celery, take only celery stalks and clean it. The celery leaves are also edible, you can use it for stir frying or other dishes. You cut both ends of the cucumber. Use a juicer for celery and cucumber juice. 100 gram of celery is juiced for 90 ml of juice. Then, add some lemon juice and 5 gram of ginger which is well ground to boost flood flow and circulation.

B: Amazing! A cup of juice brings us loads of health benefits. Should I drink celery and cucumber juice all day to replace water?

Phuong: Though it has lots of benefits, you should only drink it before you go to sleep as celery contains photosynthesis which will affect your skin if you drink during the day time.

A: So, take note of that. We are now in summer which is also the season of various kinds of fruits. Why not try some detox drink made with pineapples? Phuong, what do you recommend?

Phuong: The next detox drink is made of pineapples, watermelon and orange juice. You can enjoy this detox drink in different seasons as pineapples, watermelon and oranges are available all year round. Use a juicer and take 90 ml of pineapple juice, 90 ml of watermelon and 60 ml of orange juice. Finally, pour one by one into a glass or a glass bottle to create different layers or just mix everything. You don’t add any sugar, just enjoy the natural sour and sweet flavors of the fruits.

B: I prefer this one as I am a fan of pineapples. Phuong will share with us more recipe made with vegetables like carrots and beetroot. We know they are a great source of fiber and vitamins.

Phuong: A recipe with beetroots, apples and carrots is very simple. You peel off the beetroot skin and juiced about 100 grams of beetroot for 90 ml of water. Do the same with apples, and carrots for 60 ml of apple juice and 90 ml of carrot juice. Then, mix all the things together or you can pour one by one to make colorful layers of juice.

A: Thanks Phuong for your recipes and useful nutrition advice. We hope you will refresh your body and have a happy time listening to us on VOV24/7. Good bye until next time.