Eel glass noodle recipe

(VOVWORLD) -  Mien luon or eel glass noodle is quite popular to food lovers in Hanoi. Eel glass noodle is delicious and can be eaten at any time of the day because it is light, but still nutritious.

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B: If you love Hanoi food, don’t miss Mien luon or eel glass noodle.

A: Eel glass noodle is delicious and can be eaten at any time of the day because it is light, but still nutritious. You can enjoy a hot eel glass noodle soup or an eel glass noodle salad with herbs. I prefer the salad.

B: Today, we are recommending a Mien luon stall in Yen The alley, Nguyen Thai Hoc street in Hanoi for delicious eel glass noodle. The owner is Bui Thuy Ngan, who has been serving eel glass noodle for more than 20 years.

A: Ms. Ngan’s stall is open from early morning to noon for breakfast and lunch. Then, she spends the afternoon preparing for the next day. We asked her how she prepares the eels.

Ms. Ngan: The eel should not be too big or too small and should be fresh. Wash the eel first. Separate the bone from the meat. The bone can be used to make broth, and  the flesh can be fried or stir-fried.

B: Tip 1: The water should be boiled with some salt. Then scald the eels. The boiled water and salt help get rid of the fishy smell of the eels. But, the water shouldn’t be boiled too much, or it will break the eel skin. When the eel is clean, it is ready to fry.

Ms. Ngan: Before frying, the eels are coated with corn starch, which keeps the eel shape while they are being fried. First, pour oil into a frying-pan. Heat the oil, then fry the eels for 15 minutes. You need to divide the eels into batches, each batch about half a kilo. Remember to use a pair of chopsticks to separate the eels while frying.

A: When the eels turn golden brown and crunchy, it’s the time to remove them from the oil. So yummy. But you know, eels can be made in a soft version to cater for different tastes. For the soft version, the eels are cleaned the same way as the crunchy ones. Then, Ms. Ngan stir-fries them with some seasoning and shallots.

B: We should focus on the broth, which is the soul of any kind of soup.

Ms. Ngan: For eel glass noodle soup, we have to prepare broth. We simmer pig and eel bones together. Add grilled shallots and ginger to enhance the flavor. When the bones are well-cooked, add mushrooms and citronella. Finally, adjust the taste of the broth.

Eel glass noodle recipe - ảnh 2Ms. Bui Thuy Ngan has been serving eel glass noodle for more than 20 years (Photo: VOV5) 

A: We hope you know now how to make eel glass noodle soup. I think I can finish the final step. First, cook the glass noodle soup broth. Then, place glass noodles in a bowl, top the noodles with crunchy or soft eels, fried shallots, and some herbs, such as sliced spring onions and sliced coriander. Finally, pour in the broth. Some people prefer to serve it with spices like pepper, or chilli and vinegar.

B: My mouth is watering. On hot summer days, a bowl of eel glass noodle salad is irresistible.

Ms. Ngan: For eel glass noodle salad, cook the glass noodles first in the broth, then take it out. Add some spices and herbs, including soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, cucumber, and fried shallots. Top the noodles with crunchy eels and sliced coriander. Serve it with a small bowl on the side.

B: One more tip: You should add eels in the final step to keep it crunchy.

A: Thanks, Ms. Ngan, for showing us how to make eel glass noodle soups and salads. If you have chance, drop at Ngan’ s stall in little Yen The alley off Nguyen Thai Hoc street to enjoy a delicious bowl of Mien luon.

B: Now we must say good bye.