The recent drought has wreaked havoc on Ca Mau province. Many problems need to be solved including water shortage and landslides. In the freshwater area of Ca Mau province, the water level of the entire irrigation system is very low.
According to the local Water Resources Department, Level 1 canals have about 0.5 meters of water. Level 2 and Level 3 canals have dried up.
The river has become a children's playground scattered with wild grass.
Water transportation in the freshwater area is completely paralyzed.
The severe drought has taken a toll on Ca Mau farmers.
More than 19,000 ha of rice have been damaged and many farmers have lost more than 70% of their crop.
People in Tran Van Thoi district have had a bad cereal crop, which used to earn twice as much profit as the rice crop.
People are getting too little water to salvage their crops.
More than 20,000 households currently lack clean water.
Since the beginning of the dry season, over 1,000 landslides have occurred in the freshwater area of Ca Mau province.
The Tac Thu-Da Bac road and Co Xang-Da Bac road have collapsed.
The drought is forecast to continue, creating a forest fire risk.
Ca Mau province has declared a Level-2 state of drought emergency.
Local agencies are implementing emergency measures to mitigate the effects of drought.

Ca Mau province hit by severe drought

(VOVWORLD) - Ca Mau province has announced a Level-2 state of drought emergency after being seriously ravaged by a long drought.

Tran Hieu