On a 64-meter-square plot in Binh Tan district, the house is inhabited by five members of a family spanning three generations. It is a gift from a daughter to her mother who’d lived for more than 30 years in an old, deteriorating building.
The house, located in a quiet neighborhood, is protected by a steel grill shield which gives it a distinctive look.
The ground floor consists of the kitchen, common space, and the mother’s sleeping space. According to architects, they intentionally avoided designing a closed bedroom for the mother to facilitate ventilation.
A skylight allows natural light to enter the house, nurturing plants that add an attractive green touch to the house. The first and second floors are designed in a miscellaneous structure to create more space and allow ventilation.
The skylight that allows natural light into the house.
The minimalist, cozy bedroom features eye-striking wooden furniture.
The sloped rooftop is used for growing shade plants, flowers, and organic vegetables. Round steel frames also form porous umbrellas that filter sunlight.
The garden space is a place where homeowners can put their foot up at the end of the day.

Steel shield, grills add looks, safety to new house in Ho Chi Minh city

(VOVWORLD) - A house in Ho Chi Minh city has a shield-like steel structure that serves to protect occupants’ privacy and give the building a distinctive look.