The exhibition is organized by the State Records and Archives Management Department of Vietnam in collaboration with the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum.
The exhibition celebrates the 75th anniversary of the August Revolution (August 19) and Vietnam's 75th National Day (September 2).
The current Vietnamese national emblem.
The exhibition features the originals of more than 100 pencil and color drawings of the national emblem, stamps, and foil.
A sketch of the national emblem of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam drawn by Bui Trang Chuoc.
The Vietnamese national emblem in color with shining golden sunlight, a silk band around golden rice flowers, an anvil representing industry, and a five-pointed golden star.
Some samples of honorary gold board, glorious family board painted by Bui Trang Chuoc.
Pencil and colored sketches with the inscription "Democratic Republic of Vietnam" with images of a five-pointed star, Hung temple gate, anvil, and silk ribbon interwoven with rice flowers.
Official national emblem of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
These sketches of the national emblem are historic works of art which reveal the creative process of painter Bui Trang Chuoc.
The organizing committee hopes that the exhibition - by giving the public, especially the younger generation, an understanding of the meaning of Vietnam's national emblem - will thereby foster national pride.
Visitors can record their impressions in an exhibition book. The exhibition will be open to visitors until September 6.

Vietnam National Emblem exhibition in Hanoi

(VOVWORLD) - 200 documents and original sketches of Vietnam's National Emblem by late artist Bui Trang Chuoc are currently on display at the Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi.

Le Chi-Bui Hang