Wednesday August 11, 2021

(VOVWORLD) - First on our show today, we’d like to thank our listeners around the world for your sympathy over the harsh struggles against the COVID-19 pandemic, which is spreading quickly in Vietnam.
Wednesday August 11, 2021 - ảnh 1Saxophonist Tran Manh Tuan performs in a COVID-19 quarantine camp (Photo: suckhoedoisong

B: Vietnam has mobilized all available resources to fight the pandemic, with priority given to HCM City, our current hotspot of the epidemic and other southern localities.

A: We know that the pandemic is getting worse elsewhere in the world as well. We really believe that if we continue to work closely and stay united, we can defeat the virus.

B: Many listeners have sent letters and emails praising Vietnamese people’s unity and sharing during the pandemic.

A: Many stories about how Vietnamese people help one another during the difficult time and about medical workers and many other volunteers leaving their families behind going to the frontline to combat the pandemic are shared widely on media and social networks.

B:  In this difficult time, music seems to be an effective therapy. Vietnamese artists have come up with new songs to encourage COVID-19 patients, people in quarantine, social distancing or lockdown areas, or people struggling to stay positive amid the pandemic.

Wednesday August 11, 2021 - ảnh 2Vietnamese artists perform to encourage COVID-19 patients (photo:

A: During social distancing, Vietnam’s famous diva Hong Nhung wrote the song "Sunshine for the homeland" for the individuals working day and night to ensure people’s safety. The song shows an image of deserted streets in a vibrant tropical country in the past and honors the fighting spirit of the Vietnamese people.

Wednesday August 11, 2021 - ảnh 3Saxophonist Tran Manh Tuan

B: Leading jazz artist Trần Mạnh Tuấn recently gave an unusual performance in HCM City playing his saxophone for thousands of COVID-19 patients and frontline workers at field hospitals.

A: The beautiful and nostalgic melodies bring great comfort to frontline workers as well as people in quarantine who all wish to triumph over the epidemic.

B: Songwriter Xuan Binh wrote the song “The power of Vietnam” which gathered 50 celebrities, singers, actors and influencers. Its MV features touching footage showing medical staff, military officers and soldiers, and youth volunteers wholeheartedly devoting their efforts to the fight.

A: Saxophonist Tran Manh Tuan, diva Hong Nhung or songwriter Xuan Binh are among many Vietnamese artists who used music as a therapy for COVID-19.

B: Next, we’d like to welcome back listener Muhammad Aqeel Bashir of Pakistan. It has been more than a year since we received his entry for our “What do you know about Vietnam?” contest. Mr. Bashir wrote: “You sent me a certificate of participation in the competition. I am very happy. I can't express my happiness in words. It is a matter of honor and pride for a listener to have the opportunity to participate in the competition and then be given an honorary certificate. Voice of Vietnam has always valued its listeners and has kept in touch with them at every opportunity. We are all very impressed with this effort.”
A: We are delighted to learn that you have received the certicate, Mr. Bashir. We appreciate your listening to our program and participating in our contest. We look forwards to more feedback from you.
Wednesday August 11, 2021 - ảnh 4At the summit of Fansipan mountain (Photo: internet)

B: Next, we’d like to acknowledge emails from Ratan Kumar Paul of India and his reception report for our broadcast from 16:17 to 16:30 UTC on July 25, 27, and 29 and August 6 on the frequency of 7220 kHz. Using a telescope antenna and 50-foot wire, he received the broadcasts at a SINPO of all 4s.

A: Sreenivasa Raju, also in India, used an eBell CT FM 660 BT receiver and 15-meter wire antenna to listen to our broadcast from 20:48 to 20:58 UTC on August 5 on the frequency of 7220 kHz.He rated SINPO 34443.

B: Sanil Deep of India sent monthly reception reports for June and July, which he hoped would be useful for our technicians, and, actually, yes, they are. Thank you, Sanil, for tuning in to our broadcast and sending us your feedback.

A: Sanil told us about a worsening of COVID-19 in Kerala State and shared his interest in our Letter Box segment: “Letter Box is one of the best listener participation programs in which regular and new listeners get much attention and acknowledgement on air. The way in which the hosts present makes the program very popular among listeners. The Saturday music section and Sunday shows are superb and well presented.”

B: Shivendu Paul of India sent us reception reports for our broadcasts on August 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 on the frequency of 7220 kHz. He wrote: “I am very happy to know that every week you receive more than 320 letters, emails, and phone calls from more than 30 countries. Thank you for the different Vietnamese recipes using onions and garlic and talking about the preparation of these dishes.  On August 15 we will observe our 74th Independence Day. India will launch a year-long celebration in August to commemorate 75 years of independence, with a slew of programs and projects over the year.”

A: Our congratulations to India on its 74th Independence Day and best wishes to all our Indian listeners. Vietnam will celebrate its 76th National Day next month. We hope that we will soon contain the pandemic so we can more freely participate in our country’s special celebrations. 

B: Siddhartha Bhattacharjee of India and many other listeners asked about mountain climbing in Vietnam. Here are our recommendations for the best mountains to climb here in our country.

Wednesday August 11, 2021 - ảnh 5Fansipan mountain trekking (Photo: internet)

B: Fansipan, the so-called rooftop of Indochina, is the best way to kickstart your mountainous adventure in Vietnam at a height of 3,143 meters.

A: It is truly a physical challenge for climbers, with its craggy route requiring at least 2 or 3 days to conquer. Also, an experienced guide is compulsory as it is not easy to navigate around. Nevertheless, the trekking trip is absolutely rewarding when you are completely immersed in the breathtaking nature of the Hoang Lien Son range.

B: The walking trail going up and down really challenges your capacity, but flat surfaces appear once in a while so you can take a break. In addition, in monsoon months, the road may get slippery, posing threats to climbers. So try to arrange your climbing in November and March when the weather is fairly dry.

Wednesday August 11, 2021 - ảnh 6At the top of Lang Biang mountain in central highlands Vietnam (Photo: internet)

A: Moving to central Vietnam, let’s conquer Langbiang Mountain, 12 kilometers from the popular resort city of Da Lat. There are two ways to reach the peak of Langbiang Mountain: sitting in an old-fashioned Russian jeep or trekking through a forested trail leading to the 2,169 meter peak.

Wednesday August 11, 2021 - ảnh 7Sunrise at Ba Den mountain (Photo: internet)

B: Ba Den Mountain, which is nearly 100 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh city, takes 2 to 3 hours travelling on a car to get there. Surprisingly, the mountain is just around 986 meters high, much shorter than the peaks in the north. But this makes them the perfect spot for your weekend getaway because you have to spend just a few hours to reach the top.

A: Once you arrive at the foot of the mountain, you can begin your trekking on a footpath constructed in the middle of a forest. On both sides, you may witness gigantic trees, massive rocks and small streams. After finishing the first 1,500 steps and reaching the height of 200 meters, you will encounter Linh Son Thien Thach Pagoda which features all the characteristics of a Buddhist temple with delicately decorated altar and reclining Buddha statues.

B: Climbing a mountain is more than just a leisure activity. It is a great way to boost your physicality and practice a variety of skills.

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