Wednesday July 8, 2020

(VOVWORLD) - More entries for the contest “What do you know about Vietnam?” are being sent to VOV. We received an entry from Rabi Sankar Bosu of India, who has been a faithful listener to the VOV English Service on shortwave radio for 35 years, nowadays via internet streaming.

B: Rabi Sankar Bosu told us that his journey with VOV’s English Service began in 1985.   Nearly 35 years ago, on a midsummer evening, he happened to pick up the English broadcast of VOV World, broadcasting from Hanoi, the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

A: He told us: “Nowadays I listen to VOV via internet streaming, and even though I’m busy writing articles for international media outlets, I always find time to visit VOV’s website. The more I visit VOV’s website, the more fascinated I become with the history, culture, society, art, food, and diversity of Vietnam.”

B: Thank you very much for your support for VOV over the years. Your entry for our contest is impressive. We wish you good luck.

Wednesday July 8, 2020 - ảnh 1 La Ha Bay is a new tourist destination close to Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh province.

A: Mitul Kansal sent us his supplement for the “Vietnam Fights Coronavirus' addendum to our contest "What do you know about Vietnam?” We love your slogan asking people to practice social distancing in the epidemic.  

B: Sanil Deep of India said he was glad to hear about the extended deadline for the contest, as it will give more listeners an opportunity to participate. Sanil said: “The great work done by Vietnam is always appreciated by Indians like me. I will submit my monthly report as usual. In the meantime, stay home and stay healthy, keeping the same spirit you always show.”

A: Sanil also discussed the COVID-19 pandemic: “COVID-19 is a threat to humanity and in this global war the unity of humans will win. In my country infections are increasing but the rate of recovery is also increasing. This week in Kerala state the number of Indians returning from the Gulf countries increased and so did the number of infections . But the rate of recovery is showing an upward trend. We are taking precautionary measures to eradicate the virus.”

B: It’s good news that the recovery rate is increasing. Our listeners have many questions about Vietnam’s response to COVID-19 and the situation in Vietnam. “Is there any unemployment in Vietnam due to the epidemic? Have all industries opened in your country? Have domestic and international flights resumed? How does Vietnam manage imported COVID-19 cases?”

Wednesday July 8, 2020 - ảnh 2Scuba diving in Phu Quoc island 

A: Though Vietnam has been one of the first countries to contain the virus and revive its economy, many people are struggling to find a job and are relying on unemployment benefits to survive.

B: Vietnam ended its social distancing campaign in April, but the number of people filing for unemployment support in May surged 44 percent to 158,000, according to the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs. In the first five months of this year 26,000 companies suspended their business.

A: The Hanoi Center for Employment Services received nearly 11,000 applications in May, up 41 percent year-on-year. The applicants were former salespeople, technicians, accountants, garment workers, tour guides, and construction workers. Official data shows that the average unemployment subsidy is 180 USD per month for five months.

B: Vietnam’s suspension of nonessential activities lasted only 22 days in April, significantly shorter than in many other countries, easing some of the downward pressure on consumption. The domestic economy is reviving, but is still being hampered by a depressed global economy.

A: Vietnam’s economic recovery is closely tied to the global economy’s recovery. That is expected to begin later this year and accelerate next year.

Wednesday July 8, 2020 - ảnh 3A view of Sa Pa township in Lao Cai province 

B: The manufacturing sector is important to Vietnam’s overall economy, so steps have been taken to keep factories operating despite continuing lockdowns in other countries. Foreign experts and skilled workers have been allowed to enter Vietnam to ensure that factories continue to run at full capacity.

A: 3,000 foreign experts, business managers, and skilled workers have been granted special work visas to work in HCMC. Their spouses and children have also been allowed entry. They receive their visas at the Vietnamese embassy in their home country, and must stay at a quarantine center for 14 days upon arrival in Vietnam.

B: The quarantine rules apply to everyone entering Vietnam, including overseas Vietnamese returning home to escape the epidemic in other countries.

A: The tourism sector, which was the first affected by COVID-19, is working hard to recover. Because international flights are still suspended, the tourism sector has focused on tourism stimulus measures to revive the domestic market, sustain struggling tourism companies, and prepare to receive foreign visitors once the pandemic ends.

B: Airlines have opened new domestic routes. Airlines, travel companies, and tourism service providers have coordinated in offering promotional combo tourism packages. A campaign called “Vietnamese People Travel Vietnam” has been launched, and each locality has developed its own promotional programs, activities, and services to attract domestic tourists.

B: 150 tourism enterprises in Da Nang participated in a program offering free admission to tourist attractions, room discounts of up to 50%, free supplementary services including meals, spa, and massage, 2-for-1 offers, and discounted fares for direct flights to Da Nang. The sector hopes to be welcoming foreign tourists again soon.

A: This week, we continue welcoming reception reports from our listeners. 

B: Peter Ng of Malaysia sent us a letter on June 2, saying he tuned in to our program on June 1 on the frequency of 9840khz and noted SIO at 454.

A: M Saleem Akhtar Chadhar of Pakistan said he and his club members listen to VOV daily. Reception quality is always good, he says.

B: Payeel Ahmed Pilu of Bangladesh listened to VOV on July 2 on the frequency of 7220khz. The signal was good. The program talked about a Dong Thap province relic site honoring the father of Ho Chi Minh.

A: Faria Khanam Mumu of Bangladesh said: “I visited your well designed website. It tells me all the news about Vietnam.”

B: Thank you all, our listeners, for sending your reception reports. We’ll send e-verification cards to confirm the reports. We always welcome your feedback at:

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