Lumi - Smart Home to improve the quality of life

(VOVWORLD) - As life and society develops toward the future, smart home solutions have become popular with more and more families. A smart home using modern technology can help make room for minimalism in your residence and make everyday life better. Launched on the market in 2012, Lumi is the first Vietnamese smart home brand to receive the European CE certificate and the Standards Certification (QUACERT), affirming a “Made in Vietnam” brand.

- Lumi: Welcome home.

- Home owner: Hi, Lumi.

- Lumi: Hi.

- Host: Hey, Lumi. Watch a movie!

- Lumi: Have a good time watching!

Users have 3 ways to communicate with the Lumi Smart Home. Lumi’s Voice Control MILO is a smart speaker that is controlled through speaking Vietnamese. With simple dialogue, virtual assistant MILO will listen and fulfill user requests in intelligent homes. Users can make a request via the Lumi Live app on a smartphone or tablet or through a set of smart touch switches.

Lumi - Smart Home to improve the quality of life  - ảnh 1Lumi - Smart Home to improve the quality of life (Source: LUMI.VN)

Mr. Pham Ngoc Dung from Hanoi installed the synchronous Lumi for his home for a total cost of 2000 USD, and now he can control his house through a user-friendly application. The control can be used for lighting, curtains, security, and self-coordinated entertainment devices that have provided Mr. Dung's family with opulent luxury in their everyday lives. 

“It’s convenient. For example, in winter, I can turn on the water heater when I'm about to arrive home. When I get home, hot water is available for immediate use.”

Researched and developed by Vietnamese engineers, Lumi smart home solution is suitable for the habits and infrastructure in Vietnam. With Lumi, devices connect to each other via Zigbee waves (American technology). This system uses wireless technology and is installed in 1 day on the existing electrical infrastructure, so both newly-built houses or older ones can be transformed into smart homes.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai, General Director of Lumi Vietnam Joint Stock Company, said: “Deploying a smart home system in Vietnam is extremely difficult for a foreign firm since Vietnam's electricity infrastructure is not exactly the same as that of other countries. As a result, these firms must design and assist homeowners when they build a new house from the ground up to benefit from the internet of things (IoT) in their homes. But with Lumi, older buildings can be transformed into smart homes.” 

Lumi - Smart Home to improve the quality of life  - ảnh 2Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai, General Director of Lumi Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Photo: Viet Cuong/

Lumi smart home users will benefit from innovative features like automatic curtain control, an AI-based intruder detection system researched and developed by Lumi itself, and Lumi touch switch with a high safety rating. The integrated remote control system helps users turn on/off electrical devices from anywhere and includes Lumi Smart Lighting system, air conditioning control, water heater control, and Lumi multi-zone audio control. Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, Chairman of Lumi Vietnam Joint Stock Company, said: "Firstly, we use capacitive touch technology, which allows customers touch the screen to turn devices on and off. Second, we use power source technology for high-performance with low-energy. The third technology we use is Zigbee wireless communication technology, which helps connect devices to each other easily. In addition, we develop software-based technologies that help customers control and monitor their house from anywhere through applications on Android or Iphone."

The smart connection helps home owners turn their electrical systems on and off via smart phone. Other devices such as air conditioners, televisions, curtain systems, etc. can be controlled automatically without using hands or manual manipulation. Users operate and manage household appliances with voice commands and hand gestures, and keep a close eye on them via a phone or tablet. Homeowners may also program automated settings to allow the electrical system run on its own. Additionally, some of the most popular artificial intelligence technologies in the globe, including Amazon Echo Dot speaker, Google Home speaker, Apple HomePod, or the Vietnamese-integrated speakers of Vietnamese brands such as FPT Play Box S, Olli Maika, etc., make it incredibly simple for kids, the elderly, or people with disabilities operate all of the family's electronics in both English and Vietnamese without having to move or physically touch the electrical equipment.

Lumi has a low-cost line suitable for many families from VND 25 million to VND 65 million for apartments, and a high-end line with prices from 100 million to 500-600 million for homes, streets, and luxury villas. To date, Lumi has 150 distributors in Vietnam, providing smart home solutions to more than 50,000 customers. Lumi has been the favoured Smarthome brand for two consecutive years at the Tech Awards (2020, 2021), was voted by Vnexpess as the excellent Vietnamese Smart Home in 2020, and won the Sao Khue award 3 times.

Lumi also expanded to the international market with its first orders from India and currently, the Lumi "Made in Vietnam" smart home has exported to Singapore, Cambodia, Australia, Brazil, Australia, and Israel. Nguyen Duc Tai, CEO of Lumi smart house, said that the company's strategy in the coming years is to enter the markets of Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. “We adhere to certain core values when competing with international companies. We are committed to quality and standards, with design optimization.” 

Currently, Lumi is investing in a new factory that is expected to come into operation in 2023. FuNix University, a division of FPT Corporation that offers online information technology training, is working with Lumi to bring smart home into their training curriculum. Lumi is working with Thai Nguyen University of Industrial Technology to launch a Smarthome-IoT Research and Development Department to train smart home engineers.    


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