Novaon and a journey to produce ‘Make in Vietnam’ digital transformation

(VOVWORLD) -Aiming to produce high-quality technological products, services, and solutions, imbued with the Vietnamese values and the spirit of ‘Make in Vietnam,’ to serve the demand of Vietnamese businesses and the national digital transformation goal, Novaon Tech Company of Novaon Group has invested a great deal in research and development, upgrading digital solutions. Its determination, effort, and ability have been acknowledged by administrative agencies and thousands of Vietnamese and foreign businesses.
Novaon and a journey to produce ‘Make in Vietnam’ digital transformation - ảnh 1A representatives of Novaon Digital receives the award of Top 50 Best Growth Enterprises in Vietnam in 2022. (photo: VTV)



Identifying that digital transformation is an inevitable trend, particularly for businesses, Novaon Group has been researching and developing digital products and solutions for Vietnamese businesses since 2006. The establishment of Novaon Tech Company was a bright example of its strategic development. Taking the right path and having strong determination, Novaon Tech has produced a number of high-quality products, services, and solutions for the digital transformation of businesses.

The Company has been operating a digital transformation ecosystem consisting of 20 ‘Make in Vietnam’ solutions. The ecosystem concentrates on 3 main areas: customer resources (supporting businesses to resolve problems of data, percentage of transformation, and measurements); e-commerce solutions to help companies manage retail agents and products; and operation management.

Ngo Sy Trung, CEO of Novaon Tech, said: “Novaon Tech produces software to help businesses increase the number of customers and orders, such as Marketing Automation. Our software helps businesses access more customers and improve customers’ experience, thus gaining customers’ loyalty and love for the products. So the company can gain higher revenues. In order to increase profits, we have platforms to raise company’s productivity.” 

Thanks to an effective response to the needs of businesses, together with competitive prices, good support, and after-sales services, the company's solutions have been welcomed by the domestic business community.

Novaon and a journey to produce ‘Make in Vietnam’ digital transformation - ảnh 2Novaon Tech applies 3 groups of digital transformation solutions in 7 popular sectors. (photo: /Novaon)

By the end of May 2022, more than 95,000 enterprises in 7 sectors – education, fashion-garment, construction materials, retail, finance-banking, healthcare, and real estate – trust Novaon Tech's products and use its digital transformation solutions. It has dozens of partners in the top 500 leading enterprises in Vietnam (VRN500). Customer feedback on the company's products is very positive.

Le Ngoc Anh – Director of Anh Tu Technology and International Trade Joint Stock Company said: “Digital transformation is an inevitable trend in doing business now and in the future. As a manufacturing business, we are fully aware of this issue. We have researched and step by step applied digital solutions in our business. Once we got used to it, we bought professional digital transformation solutions. Professional technology solutions are superior to manual working method, excel, and free applications. SMEs should apply technology solutions to increase work efficiency and labor productivity.”

Le Phuc Tien of Bac Giang Garment and Textile Company says: “A garment company recruits a big number of employees. Human resource management software helps us aggregate labor data. More importantly employees can check their work and salary, and send their ideas and feedback via the software to the Board of Directors”.

At the first award ceremony of Vietnam's Top Industry 4.0 in 2022 on July 15, Novaon Tech company was honorably named in the category "Top enterprises with smart digital products and Industry 4.0 technology solutions."

Vietnam’s Top Industry 4.0 is an award organized by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) in collaboration with the Vietnam Automation Association (VAA) and the Institute of Digital Innovation and Transformation (VIDTI). The award honors outstanding digital transformation achievements of organizations/enterprises which have contributed greatly to Vietnam’s scientific and technological development and digital economic promotion.

Platforms in the Novaon Tech’s digital technology solution ecosystem were hailed as a core solution to help businesses solve problems related to clients, operational management, and e-commerce. Typical platforms are OnMarketer, OnCustomer, OnCRM, OnPeople, OnSign, OnWork, and OnShop.

Before the Vietnam Top Industry 4.0, Novaon Tech won many prestigious wards – the Top 10 Leading Information Technology Enterprises in Vietnam, the Best Solution Awards 2021, the Top 50 Best Growth Enterprises in Vietnam (Fast500) for three consecutive years in 2019, 2020 and 2021, and the Sao Khue Award for 3 consecutive years in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

In 2021 Novaon Tech's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Vũ Quang Tám was honored as one of the top 6 young leaders in national digital transformation.

Novaon Tech has not only been recognized and appreciated by the administrative agencies and business community in Vietnam, but also trusted by many foreign companies and enterprises.  Novaon Tech is proud to be a senior partner of many major global brands such as Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Uipath, and Salesforce.

Nguyen Minh Quy, Chairman of Novaon Group, said the recognition of management agencies, the business community, and foreign partners are an  important motivation for Novaon Group in general and Novaon Tech Company in particular to continue pursuing their passion for researching and developing ‘Make in Vietnam’ digital transformation solutions. In particular, the company’s top priority is to serve the national digital transformation for business.

Chairman Nguyen Minh Quy said: “We will organize digital transformation and online business conferences for localities, firstly in the northern provinces, then to the south. We’ll cooperate with E-commerce Associations and Young Business Associations of provinces to connect businesses, inspire digital transformation trends, and help write many successful stories.”

Novaon Tech believes that with its capacity, experience, and desire to develop ‘Make in Vietnam’ brands, it will continue to be a trusted partner of businesses in digital transformation and contribute to the Vietnamese business community and national economy.

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