Da Lat’s pink church

(VOVWORLD) - The Domaine de Marie Church in Da Lat city, Lam Dong province, is hard to miss. It’s made of bright pink limestone.

Da Lat’s pink church - ảnh 1
The Domaine de Marie Church stands on 12 hectares and is about 1 km southwest of Da Lat center. It was completed in 1944 thanks to money donated by Suzanne Humbert, wife of Jean Decoux, the French general-governor of Indochina from 1940 to 1945.
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The architecture is European but incorporates architectural elements of the Central Highlands’ ethnic minorities. The church's vestibule is triangular; on the peak of the roof is a small cross.

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In the center of the façade is a circular rose window, a detail that often appears in late 17th-century French churches.

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Domaine de Marie Church is also known as the “Cherry Church”, because it is located on a hill full of cherry blossoms.  
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The church’s red-tiled roof resembles the roof of a Rong house, a type of stilt house typical of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. It’s often remarked that the church ignores many of the strictures of European religious architecture. For example, it has no bell tower.

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A highlight of the church is a statue of the Virgin Mary standing on a globe and looking very much like a Vietnamese woman. The 3-meter tall, 1-ton statue designed by the French architect Janchère was donated by Suzanne Humbert in 1943.  

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On a 12-hectare campus surrounded by pines, the Domaine de Marie cluster includes a chapel and two convents dedicated to the mistress of Charlemagne.

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The church is a popular tourist attraction as well as a place for religious devotions.  
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The church’s walls of pink limestone shine brightly in the sun.

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The pink color attracts many visitors to this place.

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There are many trees offering visitors shade and fresh air.

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Before 1975, the church was known for its orphanage activities, which have now been expanded to other social work, including caring for children with developmental delays and aiding the poor. Visitors can visit at any time of day, but the church is at its most beautiful early in the morning or at sunset.