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A panoramic view of the Dong Lam Meadow, an ecological area of approximately 100 hectares, captivating with its spectacular limestone hills, undulating vast grasslands, mossy waterfalls, and emerald lakes.
A panoramic view of the stream flowing through the meadow.
Many families come here to picnic
Tamed horses are often seen in Dong Lam Meadow.
The horses are friendly to people and sometimes approach the tents to ask for food.
Visitors can have themselves photographed on a horse or hire a horse-drawn carriage for a ride.
Cycling is a popular activity with visitors.
Visitors rent bicycles as part of the home stay service.
There’s no wireless internet service in Dong Lam Meadow so families can forget their urban routine and reconnect with nature.

Dong Lam Meadow – a pleasant picnic site

(VOVWORLD) - Just 100km away from Hanoi capital, a vast meadow in Huu Lien commune, Huu Lung district, northern mountainous Lang Son province, has been in the spotlight lately.