Homeland “Banh mi” – A unique way of showing patriotism

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnamese baquette, or “Banh mi” is familiar to all Vietnamese people and foreign friends. There are many variations of Banh mi like the thin, stick baquette of Hai Phong city, the “dark” baquette of Quang Ninh province, or the recently-created dragonfruit bread.

Recently, a new kind of red Banh mi featuring a gold star has appeared in Cyburger bread shop at 92A O Cho Dua street, Hanoi. The sandwiches, shaped like the Vietnamese national flag, have created a buzz amongst curious diners.

One of the recognizable features of To Quoc (Homeland) bread is its distinctive flag design. But it’s not easy to bake red bread. Bakers had to try many times with different ingredients and recipes, before skillfully attaching the star on the loaves. The baking temperature is lower, compared to conventional bread, to ensure the product’s colour and taste.

Thanks to the red beet juice, Homeland bread is softer and more fiberous than conventional ones. Besides retaining the traditional shape of “Vietnamese baquette”, the filling must embrace familiar taste of Vietnamese family meals.

The delicious flavour, coupled with the unique colour of the breads, has impressed many diners. More and more people, from schoolkids to adult diners, are looking for the Homeland bread.