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Sen village was where President Ho Chi Minh spent most of his childhood. When he was 11 years old, he began living in this 5-chamber thatched cottage of his father Nguyen Sinh Sac.
A sign shows visitors the way to the cottage.
Nguyen Sinh Sac, Uncle Ho’s father, won the title “Junior Doctor” in a national contest in 1901, becoming the first-ever scholar of Sen village. To honor his accomplishment, Sen villagers erected this cottage in a green garden spanning 2,500 square meters.
By the time President Ho Chi Minh moved here with his father, his mother Hoang Thi Loan had already died. Now, photos of the family members are placed on the altar for worshipping next to an engraving that says “Blessings for a good family.”
The 5-chamber cottage has rudimental yet convenient furniture. Junior Doctor Nguyen Sinh Sac taught his children Confucianism. This inspired Uncle Ho with a strong sense of patriotism.
This floral crafted tea set was used by the host family when discussing Confucianism with contemporary famous scholars, including Pham Boi Chau, Vuong Thuc Quy, Dang Thai Than, and Dang Nguyen Can.
A bamboo cupboard inside the kitchen
Rattan baskets and brass basins
A three-legged wood-stove inside the kitchen
The cottage viewed from outside
Bamboo trees at the entrance gate create shade for the garden.
This cottage is part of the Memorial Site of President Ho Chi Minh (a.k.a the Kim Lien relic site) which has been recognized as a national special heritage site. It displays a large collection of artefacts from Uncle Ho’s earliest years and his two visits back home. This is the car that took the President to Sen village for his first visit on June 16, 1957.
This is the silk outfit President Ho was wearing during his first visit back to his hometown in June 1957.
President Ho wore this white khaki outfit and a pair of rubber sandals when he visited his home for the second time in 1961.
This is the latest artifact which was presented to the Kim Lien relic site in January 2020. When he learned of President Ho’s death, Nguyen Cong Phi, a worker from Vinh mechanical factory, portrayed the late President on the wreckage of a US aircraft shot down by soldiers and the people of Vinh city. The portrait was used in President Ho’s memorial service in Nghe An province from September 4-10, 1969.
On May 19, 2020, President Ho Chi Minh’s 130th birthday, the Kim Lien relic site welcomes a large crowd of tourists who have come to acknowledge the President’s enormous contributions.

Humble thatched cottage President Ho Chi Minh lived in from 1901 to 1906

(VOVWORLD) - From 1901 to 1906, President Ho Chi Minh lived with his family in a humble thatched cottage in Sen (Lotus) village, Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province.

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