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Nguyen Hien, the restaurant’s owner, told VOV why she opened Làng Ta, “Opening the vegetarian restaurant came to me as a predestined affinity with Buddhism. I think I want to spread the predestined affinity to many others so that they can change their minds and have more positive thinking about protecting the environment and cleansing and detoxing their bodies. This is what many women care about. I think it is very practical for our physical and spiritual life.”
Hien said, “Our staff are very special. They are permanent vegans and only cook vegetarian dishes.”
The restaurant’s vegetarian dishes are diverse, delicate, and safe. All dishes are made from vegetables and tofu. “Vegetarian food is very simple. All the dishes and their decorations are made from fresh vegetables and fruits. 90% of the restaurant's dishes are homemade,” said the restaurant’s owner.
Làng Ta’s signature dishes are spring rolls, sausages, salads, fruit salads, and summer rolls. Hien said that to make delicious vegetarian dishes, the chef must keep a calm mind. She added, “Our message to all diners is that vegetarianism changes one’s outlook on life so that you see things more benevolently."
Each month, Hanoi resident Nguyen Hiep and her friends share a vegetarian meal at a restaurant somewhere in the city. At Làng Ta, Hiep says, she can enjoy the flavor and sophistication of each delicious dish while listening to soothing music. “Vegetarian dishes at Làng Ta are full of flavour. Mushrooms make Làng Ta’s dishes nutritious and healthy,” said Hiep.

Làng Ta restaurant: Vegetarianism makes you see things benevolently

(VOVWORLD) - Vegetarian eating is part of the Asian tradition. Nowadays a vegetarian diet is considered a path to physical and spiritual health. Làng Ta  (Our village) vegetarian restaurant, at 117 Hang Bac street in Hanoi’s old quarter, wants to convey the value of vegan foods rather than vegetarian dishes.