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Departing the port on December 29, 2019, the ship KN 261 carries necessities and Tet gifts from mainlanders to officers and soldiers on duty during Tet holiday 2020
Soldiers carry on board an ornamental kumquat tree, a gift from Van Giang district of the northern province of Hung Yen
On December 29, 2019, the ship KN 263 embarked on the journey to bring Tet gifts to platforms in Phuc Nguyen (Prince Consort Bank), Tu Chinh (Vanguard Bank), Ca Mau Bank, and Con Dao Island District
At the end of the year, the DK1 platform is battered by harsh weather with strong winds and 3-5m high waves
A ceremony commemorates martyrs who died in southern Vietnam's continental shelf
Bringing visitors to the Platform is a difficult task although the ship is close
Naval Region2's Deputy Commander Colonel Dinh Van Thang delivers his Tet greetings to officers and soldiers stationed on the Platform via radio
Tet gifts are tied on a string to be delivered onto the Platform
Tet gifts are stored in specialized bags
The kumquat tree is carefully attached to a float
Lieutenant colonel Nguyen Van Lam, Head of the DK1/20, who returned from the mainland on the KN261, had to swim from the vessel to the Platform
Visitors are transported to the Platform by a crane
Corporal Le Van Gioi is decorating the apricot tree
Officials and journalists wrap Chung cakes with officers and soldiers on DK1/16 Platform
Despite strong wind and scorching sun, vegetables grow on the Platform
The visitors wave and say goodbye to the guards of Vietnam's waters.

Mainlanders pay Tet visit to soldiers on DK1 Platform

(VOVWORLD) - Paying visits and giving gifts to officers and soldiers on duty at the DK1 Platform are annual activities when Tet, the Lunar New Year arrives. They show the care of the Vietnamese Party, State, Army, and people for the guards of the nation's waters.  
After its 12-day sea voyage, amid high waves and strong wind, the KN 261 ship, which departed from Long Son port, Vung Tau city, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province on December 29, 2019, completed her journey on January 9, 2020. The ship carried journalists and their presents to officers and soldiers on DK1 Platform and vessels, who are on duty during this Tet holiday.

Tran Tuan