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Located in Quang Ninh province, Mong Cai city is home to an impressive selection of attractions and experiences, making it well worth a visit for tourists.
During the course of the five-day holiday from April 30 (National Reunification Day) to May 1 (May Day), Mong Cai city attracted a total of 160,000 arrivals, an annual increase of 60%.
The northern city possesses many must-see scenic spots, drawing both domestic and foreign tourists.
For years, Tra Co Beach in Mong Cai has been known as the longest and closest to the border, whilst also being a highly romantic beach, meaning each year it attracts a large number of tourists.
It takes visitors from Hanoi just over three hours to reach the popular tourist destination in Mong Cai.
Built in 1461 and featuring the unique architectural style of the later Le Dynasty, the structure of Tra Co Communal House was dedicated to tutelary genies of the village. The historical relic is typical in terms of village culture in the nation during the feudal period.
Situated in Tra Co ward of Mong Cai city, Tra Co Cathedral was built in the 19th century and later restored in 1995.
Mong Cai has been known as the “shopping heaven” of Vietnam. Indeed, it is considered to be the most bustling trade centre in the northeastern region and a dynamic young city in the country.
Mong Cai now has 14 markets and large trade centres, mainly at the heart of the city with thousands of small and large shops. It serves as wholesale market for customers in the north.
Phinh Ho lake is an ideal place to snap check-in photos in Mong Cai city.
Mong Cai city is aiming to welcome 1.5 million arrivals, including 500,000 foreign tourists, in 2023.
Visitors should not miss out on visiting Po Hen. In 2022, it was recognised as a national relic site.
Hai Son commune features mural paintings and is a good suggestion for tourists during the trip to Quang Ninh province.

Top check-in spots in border city of Mong Cai

(VOVWORLD) -Boasting an array of beautiful landscapes and unique tourism products, Mong Cai border city in the northern province of Quang Ninh has rapidly become a favorite stop-over for tourists to Vietnam.