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A view of Hang Dao street on the left and Cau Go street on the right
Hang Chinh Street (Terracotta jar street)
Hang Ma Street
Gravestone carving craft on Hang Mam Street
An iron forger on Lo Ren (forging furnace) Street
Reprairing old fans on Ta Hien Street
Making Pho, a traditional Vietnamese rice noodle, to eat with beef and chicken
Bamboo and rattan weaving on Hang Vai Street
Woodturning on To Tich Street
Haircutting in the Old Quarter
Crafting containers from metal sheets on Hang Thiec Street
Portrait painting on Hang Ngang Street
Copper-smiths in action at Ngu Xa craft village
Woodturning on 7 To Tich Street
A copper refiner on Hang Dong Street

Traditional guilds in Hanoi's Old Quarter

(VOVWORLD) - In memories of Hanoians, the Old Quarter is not only the representation of Hanoi’s cultural value, but also the concentration of many old crafts that were once part of the normal life in the capital city.