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Dao Thu Trang (left) and Tran Quynh Anh launched a brand of jute bags called "La la la" that are environmentally friendly.
Passionate about design, the two young girls see the unique beauty of jute fabric in its roughness. They have turned them into products that are both trendy and environmentally friendly.
Bags made from jute fabric aim to replace plastic bags and products made of nylon. The two young girls have turned jute fabric into trendy bags. Many bags are designed based on Dong Ho folk paintings.
To make a jute bag, they must go through many different stages including fabric making, fabric testing, shaping the bag to suit the material, embroidering and threading, and color matching. With each jute bag, the girls send a different story and message. It could be the story of the endangered blue whale, or a story of the sea…
The most unique feature of these bags is their hand-embroidered motifs on the surface of the jute fabric, which are inspired by Vietnamese folk colors. Here are some samples of jute bags from the brand "La la la":

Unique handmade bags made from jute fabric

(VOVWORLD) -Bags from the Hanoi brand "La la la" are made from natural jute fiber, aiming to replace the use of plastic.