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Women of the San Chi ethnic minority group in Binh Lieu district of the northeastern province of Quang Ninh are keen to play football, with each game played in 40 minutes and by seven players on each side.
Instead of donning shorts and jerseys as in normal football matches, the San Chi women wear traditional costumes, and the opposing teams are distinguished by the different colour of their skirts.
The players tie their hair up before starting the game by using a traditional headband.
A powerful shot is well stopped by one side’s goalkeeper who puts in an excellent performance.
There is no lack of passion for the sport as the female footballers battle for the ball.
The San Chi ethnic women leave a positive impression on spectators while dressing in their traditional outfits and enthusiastically chasing the ball.
No matter what the result of the match is, the atmosphere is always filled with laughter.
Football matches are usually held during the annual sports festival in Binh Lieu district.
Wearing skirts is the traditional custom practiced by San Chi women in Quang Ninh.
Football matches attract plenty of spectators, many of whom are husbands and relatives of the players.

When ethnic women in traditional skirts play football in Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) - Football playing by women is commonly seen in Vietnam or elsewhere in the world, but it’s quite amazing to see ethnic girls wearing traditional skirts and headscarves play the sport in Vietnam.