13th Party National Congress closes

(VOVWORLD) - The 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam closed on Monday morning.

13th Party National Congress closes  - ảnh 1The 13th Party Central Committee debuts on February 1, 2021. (Photo: VGP)

Nguyen Thanh Hai, a member of the Congress’s Secretarial delegation, said foreign parties, organisations, and friends had sent 368 congratulatory messages and letters to the Congress.

Thuan Huu, another member of the Congress’s Secretarial delegation, reported that documents adopted at the Congress set out national development goals which aim to make Vietnam a developing middle-income nation moving toward a modern industry by 2025, a developing high-middle-income nation with modern industry by 2030, and a developed high-income nation by 2045.

The Congress voted unanimously to strive for an annual growth rate until 2025 of 6.5 to 7% per year.

Vo Van Thuong, Head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Communications and Education, announced the 18 members of the 13th tenure of the Politburo.

13th Party National Congress closes  - ảnh 2Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong speaks at the closing ceremony. (Photo: Nhat Bac/VGP)

Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong was re-elected General Secretary of the Party Central Committee for the 13th tenure.

At the closing ceremony, General Secretary Trong promised that the newly-elected Party Central Committee will exert its utmost effort to surmount every difficulty, fulfill all duties, uphold traditions and revolutionary achievements, and mobilize the valuable experiences of the Party and the people.

“More will be done to enhance solidarity and unanimity, promote consistency between thought and action, continuously improve revolutionary virtues and ethics, unceasingly strengthen political mettle and work capacity, unwaveringly implement the Congress’s resolution, continue the revolutionary cause in the new period, and meet the aspirations of the Party, the people, and the army,” he said.

“We are aware that honor comes with responsibility. The greater the honor, the greater the responsibility. There will be many opportunities and challenges, some foreseen and some unexpected. So we shouldn’t be complacent. We should be humble and do everything we can to deserve the trust of the Party, the people, and the army. All 200 Committee members for the new term promise to work in unity to put Vietnam on a par with world powers as President Ho Chi Minh wished.”

13th Party National Congress closes  - ảnh 3The 13th National Party Congress takes place from January 25, 2021
to February 1, 2021. (Photo: VGP)

The Congress adopted a Resolution which called the Party Platform “the flag of ideology, the flag of combat, the flag gathering the great national solidarity” for the goal of becoming a prosperous people, a strong nation,  and an equitable, democratic, and civilised country.

The Resolution outlined several goals including improving the Party's leadership, ruling capacity, and fighting spirit; building a transparent and strong Party and political system; consolidating the people's trust in the Party, the State and the socialist regime; and inspiring hopes for a prosperous and happy country.

Other goals include promoting the will and strength of great national solidarity; boosting national innovation, industrialization, and modernization, staunchly defending the nation; maintaining a peaceful and stable environment; and making Vietnam a developed, socialist oriented  country by the middle of the 21st century.