Art performance to mark 25th anniversary of Vietnamese-RoK relations

(VOVworld) -  Artists of Vietnam and the Republic of Korea presented a dance play called “Promise to 800” at the Gangdong Art Center, Seoul on Friday to mark the 25th anniversary of the bilateral diplomatic ties.

Art performance to mark 25th anniversary of Vietnamese-RoK relations - ảnh 1
Artists participating in the show (Photo: Vu Toan/Vietnam+)

The show tells a story about the last prince of the Ly dynasty of Vietnam, Ly Long Tuong, who was on a boat trip with his relatives to escape extermination after a coup d’etat and took refuge in the kingdom of Goryeo (present-day Korea) in 1226.

The show combines play and dancing genres on the background of traditional music of both Vietnam and Korea.

Talking with media after the show, Ly Thua Vinh, Chairman of the Association of Ly Hoa Son clan which includes descendants of Princes Ly Long Tuong, said he is proud of what his ancestors contributed to the host country, adding that members of the Ly community have always considered the Republic of Korea their second native land but still remember their Vietnamese origin. They have attached special importance to educating younger generations about the clan’s history and enhancing the relations between the two countries and peoples.

Following the performance in Seoul, the show will continue to be performed in a number of other localities in South Korea.

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