Asia Pacific CEOs optimistic about economic recovery in 2022: PwC survey

(VOVWORLD) - 76% of CEOs in Asia Pacific said that they expect the global economy to grow stronger this year despite COVID-19, according to a survey of 4,446 CEOs conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). 

The UK-based audit service supplier's survey shows that although Asia-Pacific CEOs face pressure from the pandemic and market difficulties, they expressed the highest level of optimism in 10 years about economic growth prospects in 2022. Only 17% think the situation will continue to worsen.

Nguyen Luong Hien, Deputy Director General of the PwC Vietnam, said the expectation proves the potential of the global economy and CEOs’ ability to control its instability.

According to the PwC, Vietnam’s policy of “Living safely with COVID-19” has sped up the vaccination campaign, allowing the country to resume business operations by the end of 2021.

Vietnam's GDP growth is expected to bounce back 6 to 6.5%, partly attributed to the strong recovery of FDI inflows.

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) that came into effect from the beginning of 2022 has also boosted trade promotion activities, created momentum for post-pandemic economic recovery through the formation of a stable and long-term export market for Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.