Asia Times lauds public trust in Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) - The Asia Times ran an article on Wednesday saying Vietnam has been one of the best countries in the world at handling the Covid-19 pandemic. It says in late July when the second wave of the disease hit Vietnam, many held their breath waiting to see how the country would handle the return of the virus. 

Within three months, Vietnam again successfully flattened the curve of Covid-19 infections. The article writes “Vietnam’s success story has been attributed to effective closures and lockdowns, high levels of masking, aggressive contact tracing and clear risk communication to the public. These measures have been made possible because of high public trust in the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)”. The public still trusts the Party to take care of its citizens and to lead the country out of crises when they occur. Public trust in the regime, no doubt, has made it easier for the CPV to handle Covid-19, according to the article.